Here’s the Question You Need to ask When you Compare Yourself to Another








Anyone else think their mom gives the best advice? I definitely do. My mom is wise, honest and has helped me navigate so many different seasons and moments in my life.

A few months ago, someone accused me of being jealous of them. I honestly hadn’t heard that sort of thing since I was in high school—Anytime girls were being catty, the other would assume that it was because she was somehow jealous of her.

When I was telling my mom the very funny and bizzare accusation, she immediately replied, “Does she have a third eyeball? Why else would you need to be jealous?”

I bursted into pure laughter and then realized that this was one of the truest things I had ever heard.

This question and statement was sobering for me in many ways.

There have been many moments in my life when I  I have compared myself to another. There have been times when I have believed that somehow what someone else had or possessed was of greater value than what I possessed.

Maybe you have too. If we are honest, we all have done this. Whether these thoughts and assumptions about ourselves are strong or casual, they aren’t the truth.


Does someone have more possessions than you do? Possibly so. Does she have different positions than you do? Maybe she does. But does she have a third eyeball or has found a way to create extra hours in a day?

I don’t think so.

You might be believing for certain things and those things that you desire to have may cause you to feel inadequate or less than someone else. But I’m here to remind you today that you have all you need.

You have the goods and you have what it takes. Others may have more things, titles, positions or influence but that doesn’t take away, cheapen or dismiss who you are and what you possess.

You are you and no one else can be you! What those around you experience and have doesn’t take away from you.

Don’t chalk this up as cliche or some movitational blog jargon.

Allow this truth to cause you to walk differently today. Walk in a new confidence, believing that you are enough.

Be you. Do you. Run in your lane, the way you’ve been called to run.

And when you find yourself comparing yourself with others, ask yourself this question, “Does she/he/they have three eyeballs?” It will make you laugh and it will  reveal to you how silly it is to ever be jealous, envious or compare yourself to another.

5 Things To Do When You Feel Anxious

Do you ever have moments when all of a sudden you feel the world crashing in? Moments when the things, people or situations you have been working so hard to keep together begin to unravel before your eyes. These moments can cause us guilt, frustration, anger, saddness and anxiety.

We often respond with a breakdown—whether it’s losing our cool with our family, sulking in what we could have done differently, trying harder to not lose control again or doing more in attempt to regain control.

These responses NEVER yield the results we desperately want. Responding in insecurity, frustration, fear or in more ‘doing’ only leaves us feeling more anxious.

So what can we do when we feel out of control?

Here are five things we can do when we feel anxious. These powerful responses are found in Psalms 37

1. Don’t worry

Did you totally roll your eyes? I know, I know easier said than done, right? Sort of.   Worrying is a bad habit you and I need to unlearn and we need to unlearn it quickly.

Worry doesn’t yield any good thing! It doesn’t change our situation, but only robs us of our peace.

When we start thinking thoughts that aren’t true or when we begin to ask the, “what if” kind of questions we need to tell ourselves to STOP!

2. TRUST in the Lord 

The root of our worry and anxiety is a lack of trust. When we worry, we are telling ourselves that somehow we know better than God. When we worry we are placing our faith in the wrong things. Rather than placing our faith in the unknowns, let us trust God and place our faith in Him.

3. Take DELIGHT in the Lord 

This means that our hearts find peace and true fulfillment in Him.

When we do, it says that He will give us the desires of our hearts.

Did you read that closely?

Our answers and the resolution to our biggest fears and things that are causing us so much worry are on the other side of you and I choosing to find peace and fulfillment in God alone. 

No, this isn’t a genie in a bottle moment or some sort of magic trick. We say, “Lord I delight in you!” And then BOOM, our answer arrives at our doorstep quicker than Amazon Prime.

It means that when we delight in Him, we begin to desire what He desires for us. As this takes place, our hearts begin to align with His. And, when they do, He begins to give us what we now desire—His will!

4. Commit EVERYTHING to Him

This is a day to day, moment to moment commitment that we must practice over and over again. When you begin to feel overwhelmed, pause and remind yourself that this thing you are trying to control isn’t yours to keep or to guard. Rather, it’s another thing to give to Him.

5. Be Still

Our first reaction when we feel anxious is to do more. But God isn’t asking you to do more. He’s simply asking you to trust Him.

We can only get this confidence and reassurance to do less when we choose to get still.

It’s in the moment that we STOP and pause that we realize in our stillness, God is still moving. 

This entire passage of scripture is filled with amazing promises, take a moment and read it to yourself.

And, as you lead your homes, your churches, your businesses and your communities, remember these five things!

God isn’t asking you to hold it all together, He’s simply asking you to trust Him. He is sovereign, He is able, He can and He will!


Happy Birthday!

I turn 34 years old in just a few days and I’m excited  to celebrate with you. In the past, I have never been really big on celebrating my birthday.

Most years I beg my husband to not plan something special or plan any sort of surprises. Its not for a lack of gratitude for each year experienced or because I don’t welcome a new year with open arms, but the thought of people celebrating me overwhelms me at times.

I am more of a simple, let’s just grab coffee or lunch for my birthday kind of girl. So, I found a way you and I can celebrate my last year in my “early thirties”, haha!

Anytime I write, I imagine you and I sipping a cup of coffee or eating a yummy meal together and talking, face to face.

We might talk about our faith, our family, sharing in our victories or navigating something challenging. We might have a lot to say or we might find ourselves people watching and just being together.

Over the past few months, I have been writing about my story of waiting on a promise from God. You can read about it in mini e-book called, “Waiting.”

This e-book is for the girl who is waiting on a promise from God. It’s my gift to you on my birthday!

It can be your gift to someone else too. Here’s how— simply forward this newsletter to five girls in your world who you think need encouragement in their waiting.

This e-book will be available for a FREE download for anyone connected to the community! So, let’s spread the word & get this party started.

I can’t wait to share it with you!






This past week our girls turned seven and a day later we rang in a new year. On the morning of their birthday, when asked if they felt seven, my daughter Brooklyn expressed that she noticed her head and legs were a little bigger.

We giggled under our breath watching her explain how her legs were definitely taller now that she was seven.  We know that she didn’t grow an inch overnight, but over the past 365 days, she most certainly grew!

The same is true for us as we approach this new year. Things don’t usually happen overnight. Growth takes time, maturing takes time. Lessons, prayers, ideas and goals, take time.

And, not only do they take time, they are often accompanied by challenges, hardship, tough and uncomfortable  moments.

Before we rang in the new year, someone asked me to rate my year from a scale of 1-10. It was impossible for me to score 365 days into one number.

If I had to rate it in terms of challenging I would say close to an 8. If I had to rate it in terms of awesome, I would equally rate it an 8, as one of the best years of my life.

The hard stuff helped me discover who I am and what I am made of.  It was the uncomfortable moments that ushered in fresh grace, new strength and greater faith.

It’s a lot like working out. The ‘best’ workouts are the most challenging ones. Even though they are hard, they are awesome all at the same time.

It’s how I feel about 2017, and is why I was so sad to see it go. It was challenging, but that’s what made it equally as beautiful.

As you walk in 2018  believing for great things, don’t be discouraged if what you are believing for is delivered in an undesired, challenging, package.

Trust that God has heard the desires of your heart, is honoring your prayers and is leading you.

If I were to just look at all that “happened” over the past year, it wouldn’t measure up to be considered a  ‘best year, ever’ kind of year.

But, if I look at who I have become, the faithfulness of God I was able to witness up close and the “this is what I prayed for and it’s happening” moments, it ranks up there as one of the best years of my life.

One day, my daughter will learn that we don’t grow overnight. She will learn that  growth is only made possible by the amount of ‘uncomfortable’ we are willing to endure.

I pray this is an incredible year for you. One marked by God and His faithfulness. A year filled to the brim with his grace, truth and hope.

May He give you the strength to overcome any obstacle, to pushback past any fear, and to walk confidently in who you are!