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We’ve experienced a lot of FIRSTS these past few weeks here in our home. Jett turned ONE years old and then eight days later, our church, Influence Culture turned ONE as well.

It it has been a whirlwind  of a year. So many exciting new adventures, filled with moments I  know I’ll never forget. Words like “whirlwind” and “adventure” don’t always mean peachy or perfect.

But it’s been in the not so peachy times or the imperfect moments that I found true value– It’s been where my journey has been made authentic.

I’ve been tempted along the way to wish for a different story or reality. I’ve had moments of shaking my fists and stomping my feet, pleading to God and wondering why things haven’t happened for me like they have for others.

Time and time again, however, God has shown me that He is the Author and Finisher of my faith and that He has something unique and different for me.

My story isn’t someone else’s story. When I really think about it, I don’t want it to be. Managing the tension of desiring an authentic/ original story and secretly hoping to trade places with others is like going into the cat wrangling business.

As we celebrated, “The Big ONE” at Influence Culture and as we sang Jett happy birthday, I had a BLOG moment.

The cat wrangling business isn’t a profession for me!! I am meant to live my life, write my own story. When I wish away trials, twinkle  my nose in hopes to trade places or jump ahead a step, I devalue/ cheapen my story.

My audacious prayers and desires to pioneer a new thing have landed me right in the middle of obscurity–It has positioned me for miracles!! Taking a look back over this year, we highlighted moments–some funny ones, some awesome ones & some embarrassing ones. Like the time we showed up to a park (that usually is swarming with soccer leagues, families…) with hundreds of hotdogs, ready to serve our community and the place was a ghost town. Like a straight up ghost town–Not a single soccer player. Or the time when our service was starting and there was a handful of people in the seats… I looked to BJ and said, “I don’t think anyone is going to show!!” (People ended up showing, just a little late)… I can go on and on. Or what about the two weeks that Jett thought it was a good idea to wake up every 30 minutes! Meanwhile all my mommy friends had baby wised their 2 week old to sleep through the night and even change their own diaper (for dramatics).

But, you see, these are my/ our stories! They arent a carbon copy of someone else’s journey, they are unique.

So, if you have been pursuing a career in cat wrangling like me and daydreaming about life in someone else’s shoes, I want to encourage you to retire early. Cat wrangling is not nearly as fun as living your own, authentic adventure.

Every week, I highlight a TRUTH about you, your life, or about a situation you may be facing, and then I DARE you to believe it.

TRUTH: Your life is meant to be lived and experienced by you. –Sarah (I’m pretty sure I stole it from the bible though)

DARE: Live your life. Write your story.

Some highlights of our ONE year service, where we shared OUR unique, authentic, beautiful story.


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