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A Crappy Day.

Haha! I think the title alone just drew in some new readers. If this is your first peek at my blog site, hello! This past week, BJ, (my husband) some of our launch team and I had the amazing privilege of joining 2,500 other church planters and ministry leaders at ARC’s All Access Conference. It is one I will never forget. It changed me, challenged me and prepared me for the days ahead. It was so great seeing so many healthy leaders talk about their healthy churches and how the gospel of Jesus Christ is being proclaimed around the world. It is truly the best time to be a part of THE church!!! Like any other getaway, this one just didn’t seem long enough, as I found myself back to work on Saturday morning.

Serve The City.

Our church teamed up with one of our favorite churches here in South Florida in what they called, “Serve The City.” Over 600 people volunteered their Saturday to serve South Florida! We were so honored to be a part. We had 16 people from our church show up-which is awesome! The group was tasked to clean up a farm. Yes, a farm. For 3 1/2 hours, a group of about 50 people cleaned up hay, shoveled manure, and anything else that needed to be done.

Picture Perfect.

There were other groups that were painting schools, participating in building projects, and other serving endeavours that to most, could appear as more desirable projects. BJ told me about how these 50 individuals not only cleaned up this farm but they did it with a lot of smiles, laughter and in record time. The owner of this particular farm was so impressed by their willingness and ability to get things done, she assigned more projects for them to complete. The group sent me pictures of their day and even considered it to be one of their favorite, most memorable days.


What was most remarkable to me was that our team didn’t think anything less of the assignment given to them, rather, they served with their whole hearts. What some of our team didn’t know, was that this farm is not only home to many horses, but it’s a place where healing is found. This particular farm exists to help children who have experienced the loss of someone through their interaction with horses. Although our team never spent a second with a child who has experienced loss or had the chance to witness a child go through the healing process, the part they played was invaluable!

Tomorrow’s Rainbow.

What a concept! To think that our assignment in life, although may not seem glamorous or even purposeful at the time, if we are obedient and responsible with it, can help transform someone else’s life! There was a BLOG moment, a life lesson, a perspective shift right in the middle of a ‘crappy’ day. (you see what I did there) Our team was not only excited to clean up a farm, they were honored to. They grabbed a hold of something that takes most people a lifetime to understand. There is a hurting world that desperately needs each of us to do our part, no matter what the task may look like or even smell like.

200 Man Hours.

During their time there, our team was told countless amount of stories of the children who have found hope and healing on the other side of great loss through this farm, “Tomorrow’s Rainbow.” The group completed over 200 man hours at this farm and made a difference to great too measure all because they were willing to do their part and serve with a heart that screams, “I will do whatever it takes to help hurting people, no matter what it looks like.”

Taking It Home.

It is very easy to devalue the task/responsibility we have been entrusted with when we focus on the ‘next thing’ in our life. What is it that you are being entrusted with that may not seem so glamorous? Whatever it is, I encourage you to do it, and do it with all of your heart-you just never know how your crappy day can bring hope to someone else.

Every week I highlight a TRUTH about you, your life, or about a situation you may be facing and then I DARE you to believe it. Here is this week’s TRUTH or DARE. TRUTH: There’s value in crappy days. DARE: Do whatever it is that you are asked to do with all your heart no matter what it looks like.

Just a few highlights of our day!

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