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Chicken Pot Pie with all the Feels

Sometimes you need to text your sister, “I thawed out chicken for dinner….now what?” For a little inspiration. The sound of baked chicken with a side of veggies just didnt quite get me excited and I was determined not to turn it into some kind of taco… nope, not even fajitas. I scrolled through Pinterest a few times, but let’s be honest, who really makes a meal they pin on Pinterest? I usually pin it and order pizza. Haha. Anyone else?

My sister came through and gave me this super simple chicken pot pie recipe. I’ve been day dreaming of cooler weather, pumpkin spiced everything and comfort food, so this was perfect.

The hubby and kids gave it two high fives, ate every last bite and my favorite part, it took me about 45 minutes in total. We are full and we are satisfied.

I couldn’t dare keep all this yummy goodness to myself, so here’s the recipe-let me know if you give it a try.


Croissant rolls (the ones that come in can) I used two cans because I love carbs haha! 1 bag of frozen mixed veggies Chicken 1 can of cream of chicken 1 can of Cream of celery


Boil and shred chicken Steam Veggies                                                                  In separate pot mix cream of chicken and cream of celery & steamed veggies Add boiled chicken Add a little butter, salt and pepper to taste Mix it all together Lay half of the croissants in pan and bake half way. (It will cook all the way once you add the mixture) Add mixture to the pan Add the other half of the croissants to top Bake until golden brown (to your liking)

BAM ✊?

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