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Here’s the Question You Need to ask When you Compare Yourself to Another

Anyone else think their mom gives the best advice? I definitely do. My mom is wise, honest and has helped me navigate so many different seasons and moments in my life.

A few months ago, someone accused me of being jealous of them. I honestly hadn’t heard that sort of thing since I was in high school—Anytime girls were being catty, the other would assume that it was because she was somehow jealous of her.

When I was telling my mom the very funny and bizzare accusation, she immediately replied, “Does she have a third eyeball? Why else would you need to be jealous?”

I bursted into pure laughter and then realized that this was one of the truest things I had ever heard.

This question and statement was sobering for me in many ways.

There have been many moments in my life when I  I have compared myself to another. There have been times when I have believed that somehow what someone else had or possessed was of greater value than what I possessed.

Maybe you have too. If we are honest, we all have done this. Whether these thoughts and assumptions about ourselves are strong or casual, they aren’t the truth.

Does someone have more possessions than you do? Possibly so. Does she have different positions than you do? Maybe she does. But does she have a third eyeball or has found a way to create extra hours in a day?

I don’t think so.

You might be believing for certain things and those things that you desire to have may cause you to feel inadequate or less than someone else. But I’m here to remind you today that you have all you need.

You have the goods and you have what it takes. Others may have more things, titles, positions or influence but that doesn’t take away, cheapen or dismiss who you are and what you possess.

You are you and no one else can be you! What those around you experience and have doesn’t take away from you.

Don’t chalk this up as cliche or some movitational blog jargon.

Allow this truth to cause you to walk differently today. Walk in a new confidence, believing that you are enough.

Be you. Do you. Run in your lane, the way you’ve been called to run.

And when you find yourself comparing yourself with others, ask yourself this question, “Does she/he/they have three eyeballs?” It will make you laugh and it will  reveal to you how silly it is to ever be jealous, envious or compare yourself to another.

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