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Last Saturday, after a really special gathering at Influence Culture, the hubs and I went to grab Sonic! It’s a greasy little treat that serves their soda with crushed ice. I don’t have to tell you we haven’t had it since 2016 for you not to judge me, right? Right? Hehe.

As we pulled up to our ordering station, (if you haven’t been to a Sonic, you park and order… they bring your food to you on roller skates. Super fun!) it began to sprinkle.

We placed our order and began talking about the different “wins” of the evening–We celebrated new faces, friends we hadn’t seen a while, new people serving and the fun that was had at team night, where my friend won herself $100.00 for making a half court shot! Yeah, true story!!

As we were talking, a young girl came skating up bearing gifts! (Greasy gifts!) We made conversation with her as we always do. I told her how I was glad the rain went away because I didn’t want her to have to be outside. She let me know that no matter what, she would still have to be out there, because that’s her job. Of course, we noticed that our order wasn’t completely right, so we had to send her back. She gave us many opportunities to keep our wrong order, including a super sad and unenthusiastic look, but we kindly insisted that we’d like to go home with what we ordered.

She sighed and went back. BJ immediately grabbed cash out of his wallet and got it ready. We LOVE blessing people just because and we wanted to be generous. She was obviously tired, maybe even a little overwhelmed and we wanted her to know that she mattered. That she was seen, known and that there were blessings all around her.

We waited and waited and waited. Finally we saw her, called her back and she nodded as if she was going to get our replacements. We waited some more until finally, we just decided to go home. After church isn’t the day we are really going to call over a a manager and ask for justice. So, we left, with cash folded up in our hands. As we left, we spotted our girl, who TOTALLY pretended NOT to see us, she actually hid from us.

She thought she was getting away with something, but it was actually us getting away with something-some cash money!

I’m not talking 4.00 people! Remember how generous we were just hours before to our half court shot-making friend? Yeah. I won’t disclose how much we were giving our fast food friend , because that’s not the point.

The point is, she missed an opportunity because of inconvenience. She allowed what she didn’t want to do to prevent her from receiving what she might have needed!

We pray for God’s blessings, we desire good things, we throw coins in the wishing pond, hoping for things to change. We look all around for opportunities but we fail to see the opportunities in front of us because they are wrapped in a box called INCONVENIENCE.

So we miss the moment, we miss the breakthrough, we miss the promotion, the job offer, or in this case, the extra cash in our pocket.

What box marked with INCONVENIENCE has arrived at your doorstep? Is it a boss, a frustrating customer, a new opportunity to serve, staying late, getting up earlier, giving more?  Are you simply “doing your job” or doing what only you are asked to do?

I encourage you today, I urge you to embrace it, invest in it, step up and go above and beyond for whoever and whatever it is that’s posing itself as an inconvenience. You never know who you’ll meet or what opportunity you’ll find.

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