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Momma Always Said.

Monday Morning Commentary.

This past Sunday’s message was fitting as we celebrated Mother’s Day. We continued the series, “Small is Big.” This week, talking all about words.

I’m sure we all have heard our mothers remind us a time or two during our childhood that if , “We don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all.” I know being a kindergarten teacher, I remind my little five/ six year olds this almost daily.

It’s funny how we encourage, teach and “educate” little minds to respond the right way towards tough moments, difficult people and undesirable situations with such certainty, yet fall short to actually do what we teach almost everyday.

Sure, I might not be going around intentionally  hurting people’s feelings or telling people I don’t want to play with them during recess, but I find myself speaking to my dreams, current situations and even myself in a way that I would not suggest is kind, life giving or beneficial.

This last Sunday, we heard once again that our words are powerful. It doesn’t take a pastor for us to know that it is true, but this message was unlike any other message on words that I have ever heard.

We went through a handful of scriptures that declare how our words direct our steps and determine our future.

Our thoughts determine our words

Our words determine our actions

Our actions determine our habits

Our habits determine our life

Proverbs 18:21 says that life and death are in our tongue.

That’s a pretty sobering idea! This means that our words produce something, every time.

Are the words you are speaking bringing life or death?

Are your words bringing life to your husband and your marriage or do you find yourself speaking countless words of death over your marriage? Do you sit on the phone or on the other side of the couch “venting” in a “safe place” with a “trusted friend” that only fuels your anger, disappointment and furthers the wedge and division you experience in your marriage?

Or what about your kids? Your job? Your boss? Your church?

Did you know that the relationships in our lives are a reflection of our glory? Your friends, your community, your church, your city, your nation–is all an extension of you.

Ephesians 4:29 says to not allow ANY unwholesome talk come out of our mouths.

This means… ANY! I know, hard to swallow and if you’re like me, I know I don’t always get this right.

When circumstances come or situations happen where I am left feeling frustrated or when things don’t go as planned I can easily spew off everything that is wrong with a situation. But if I’m not careful, these words that I speak, whether to myself during my car ride home or to a trusted friend can be replaced for TRUTH in my life.

“Our thoughts determine what we will be and our words will detect what we see.” Pastor BJ

When we begin to speak out the anxious, insecure, angry, frustrated thoughts, we exchange these dysfunctional thoughts for truth.

Many of you are great at speaking life to others, but you speak death over yourself and your situation all day long–words of “I’m not good enough,” “I don’t have what it takes,” “I’m not worthy enough for that…” The list goes on and on.

So what small step can we take when wanting to develop a new vernacular- one that is fruitful and life giving, one that promotes growth, peace and light? Here are two easy, helpful tips.

  1. If your words don’t bring life, don’t say it.

  2. If you think something good, say it!

Did you know that for every one compliment given there are 7 complaints? Think about it. When was the last time you tweeted, posted on your Facebook or typed up a complaint note to a local restaurant, airline or department store? I bet you have written more notes of complaints than you have notes affirming and complementing the cashier or the barista who spelled your name right!

We have been trained to see the missing link, the whole, the un dotted “I” and uncrossed “T” in all areas of life. We remember when our spouses forget to do the laundry, get everything off the grocery list but over look when they get it right. We hold thoughts that are life giving and release thoughts that bring distruction in our lives.

But like we learned last week, we must arrest all thoughts and bring them into captivity. We should speak out the thoughts of life!

So, this week, when you are faced with the opportunity to speak death over your situation or about someone, choose life!

What at area in your life do you have a tough time speaking life into? What one phrase or statement can you desire over and over this week to bring life and to gain a new perspective about? Comment below, I’d love to hear from you.


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