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Tips on How to Make Homeschooling Not Suck.

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

If there were a list of top moms who weren’t looking forward to this, I would have contended for first place!

I love my babies, but I also love our schools and teachers. Anybody else?

I tried the homeschool life for a few months before and realized it wasn’t my thing. You‘d think that my past experience as a teacher would make me the girl for the job-but turns out other kids listen to me better... or maybe I am a more patient teacher to kids who are not my own.

Wherever you fall into this homeschooling thing, I believe we all can not only survive this, but thrive in this.

If you’re looking for creative crafts or how to turn your home into the most epic, virtual field trip experience, this isn’t the blog.

But, if you’re wanting this homeschool thing to not suck, you’re in the right place.

1. Do you!

Stop comparing your skills to everyone on the internet. It’s unfair—For you, for your kids and for the girl you’re sizing yourself up to.

I am one-hundred percent sure no one is sharing their worst moment with any of us.

If we do see something other than a highlight moment, it is an intentional, curated moment of “authenticity“ not real life. So stop it, ok?!

Just because someone else does it a certain way, doesn’t mean that’s how you need to do it! Use your gifts—your creativity, your strengths!

2. Know Your Role. That should let you off the hook right there! You are their momma, not their teacher. Your number one responsibility is to teach them in how you are responding to this.

More than teaching them multiplication, let’s teach them humility by saying sorry as often as we need to, patience when we feel overwhelmed and perseverance when we want to quit.

Get help from others who can help you teach the things if you’re drowning! We can outsource that—but we can’t outsource being their mom!

3. Ask Questions.

Discuss expectations, regularly. I promise you, they're not going to ask that you are more like so and so’s mom. This will help remind you what’s most important and simplify your moment.

Having clear expectations will help you avoid the temptation to do all the things you think make you a great homeschooling mom in this moment and be the best homeschooling mom to your kids.

My kids had one simple request—that I don’t use my phone when they are asking a question. DONE!

This has been a game-changer. A distracted momma is not the most patient!

4. Bring Your Best. Let kindness lead you. Be kind to your babies and be kind to you. Stop beating yourself up for not doing this perfectly! Secret—no one is!

Focus on being and bringing your best. If it’s not fun, bring the fun... if it’s not peaceful, bring the peace...

Everyone has a part to play in this, so to help us be accountable, we are making ourselves a sign with words and pictures to describe what we want from this.

When we have moments of frustration or when it feels boring, we can look at this and remind ourselves are we bringing the fun or the peace or the hard work?

5. You first, them Second

I could also say it this way, “Put on your oxygen mask before assisting other passengers.“ Make sure you take care of yourself so that you can pour out from your overflow, not your fumes. Choose a time of the day that you work best! It’s not selfish, it’s wise. If first thing in the morning isn't your thing--there is no pressure to do it then.

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