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I know they say don't judge a book by its cover--but I think you totally should!

As an achiever, Enneagram 3, goal-driven gal, waiting isn't really my thing. If my life were a song, it would be turned all the way up!
And while I am grateful for how hassle-free our lives have become, some things take time. 
Most of life is lived in the middle.
Starting things is fun and it's exciting when we can see the figurative finish line, but the middle is hard. The middle is where most of us give up.
That's why I wrote this book.
For the girl on the journey.
For the girl who has ever felt overlooked, sidelined or forgotten.
For the girl who has ever been tempted to think her life wasn't as significant as others.
Start to fully embrace and love your today and grab your copy! What are you waiting for? Haha...I had to!
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