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“Can’t Touch This”

Have you ever just busted out into song? Well, it seems like I do just about every few hours. My girls absolutely love music and they seem to love my singing… or maybe it’s because I don’t ever seem to sing the traditional lullabies or songs like “The Wheels on the Bus.” Instead, I find myself singing songs by JLO, Train, Hillsong and this morning it was MC Hammer!

Everyone knows the song, “Can’t Touch This,” and now, my girls do to. It’s such a fun song to sing, but only when you dance like a crazy person while doing so. I think I just figured out why my girls seem to enjoy their momma’s singing so much… it really is my dance moves.

As I was singing this song, a thought came to mind. How often have I sang this song to God? How often have I told Him what He can and can’t have control over? I trust Him with my marriage, my children, my finances and even enough to move across the country with two newborn babies! But I have a hard time trusting Him with my failures. I have always been a pretty competitive person, someone who doesn’t like to lose. So, failing isn’t easy for me. I consider myself a risk taker and someone who lives life on the edge, but I don’t like the thought of failing. It’s the season right after the step of faith that I take that I seem to tell God, “Can’t touch this!”

When we first arrived in sunny Southern California, I was so excited about the new season we were walking in. God had told us to pack up our things and head to California, and that is what we did. As we began to settle in and make this new season our life, I began to get anxious. I immediately started trying to figure it all out. Little by little, I started taking back what I had already handed over to God. Each time, feeling more and more out of control. We had done what He asked, we had been obedient, but He wasn’t moving fast enough for me. I began to worry about everything. I mean, everything!! All of a sudden my great expectations of this new season became clouded with worry and doubt. I didn’t want this BIG leap of faith to result in a failure.

After doing all that I thought I should do, like making “to-do” lists and writing out a plan for our life, I did what I was supposed to do, and prayed. It was an honest prayer and I received an honest answer. “The area in your life that you continue to withhold from me, is the place I will go and hide myself in, so when you look for me, there you will find me.” God hides himself right where you don’t want Him to be, so, that when you look for Him, you will find Him!!!

What area are you having a hard time trusting God? What area in your life are you singing, “Can’t Touch This” ? Whatever it is, know that the longer you withhold it from Him the more opportunities He will give you to hand it over. His desire for you is to trust Him with all of you… not just part of you. Because when He has all of you, you will walk in ALL that He has for you!


Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take.


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