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And it’s time to say BYE to some things!

It’s officially Spring!!

The sun is shining and spring is finally here.

And, to welcome it in true Sarah fashion, I am spending this week doing a good, Spring Cleaning. 🥳

I do a “spring cleaning” at least three times a year where I intentionally sift through every drawer, closet & room in my house.

It’s not hard for me to get rid of things, but to simplify the process, I ask myself these three questions when I’m deciding what stays and what goes:

1. Do I want to take this with me on my journey ahead?

2. Does it add value to my life?

3. Will I miss it if it were gone?

Seasons change but so often we are holding on to things that no longer have purpose in our lives.

We allow things to clutter and take up space in our homes and our lives—hoping for ‘one days’ and or holding on to the ‘good ole days.’

Clearing out and evaluating what we are holding tightly to is an emotional process—you have to let go of what is no longer so you can be free to experience all that is yet to be.

When I’m filling up garbage bags to the brim, I’m also sorting through the clutter in my thoughts, my emotions and my spirit that has built up over time.

I ask myself the same questions—Do I want to take this with me on my journey ahead? Does it add value to my life and will I miss it if it were gone?

It’s incredibly freeing and something I encourage all of us to do— what say you?

You up for a little spring cleaning? 🙋🏻‍♀️

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