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Cupcake Wars.

This is my first time celebrating Thanksgiving with my family since my husband BJ and I got married. I am so very excited to be home. The girls love their Papa Joe and Granny’s house and have officially taken over the place. We have had so much fun, eaten delicious meals and made a lot of new memories and it’s not even Thanksgiving yet. Today, my mom and I channelled our inner Rachel Ray, Paula Dean and Martha Stewart and made the most delicious cupcakes. Cupcake Wars. I have never been much of a baker, but as of late, I have been so interested in learning how to bake. I am not talking about break & bake cookies, although I have mastered baking those, I’m talking about real baking. My mom and I went to the market, bought all our ingredients and spent the afternoon in the kitchen having a blast. Our finished work was not only delicious but looked like a work of art. If we would have been featured on the show Cupcake wars our cupcakes would have won, hands down. Store Bought. Anytime I have been invited over to someone’s house for a party or even for a Holiday gathering I am usually the one who signs up for soda or chips. Anything store bought. But this year, I am going to bring something homemade! As I was mixing all the ingredients together using my mom’s amazing Kitchen Aid mixer (baking at my mom’s is so much more fun because I get to use all her cool gadgets) A thought came to mind. Homemade anything tastes better than store bought, fake & bake everything, any day! I think most of us, if not all would agree. But homemade desserts take a little bit of time, exact measuring, and some patience. I must have re-read the recipe about 1,000x making sure I was getting it just right. A few times it seemed as though we got it wrong and had to make some on the spot adjustments. But in the end, we had 24 delicious cupcakes ready to be enjoyed. Homemade. You and I were not meant to live a fake & bake kind of life, but instead a homemade, handcrafted kind of life. Though it takes time, it is by far so much more worth it. I know there have been many times in my life where I have wanted to rush things or take the easy way out, but time and time again, I realize that going through the process is so worth it. The process is the journey and without the journey, what is this life really all about? Today, there were memories created and moments in time that I will remember forever.

TRUTH: Eggnog and nutmeg turn ordinary cake mix into a deliciously different dessert.

DARE: Be authentic.

For the simple recipe, FOLLOW this BLOG and share a recipe with me by posting it in the comment box below. Have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

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