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Fearless Part II


For the record. I am not a DUKE fan, I have never been a fan nor will I ever be. I love the UNC TARHEELS and any other team when they play against DUKE. I am not a fan of coach K and did not rejoice last night when he became the most winning-est coach in men’s college basketball.


My husband BJ has programmed our television to automatically turn to Sports Center. Last night, I turned on the television just as DUKE beat Michigan State 74-69. To me it seemed like an ordinary game, but as I watched closer I realized that this game was a pretty big deal. With this win, Coach K surpassed the all-time record for wins in men’s college basketball. The entire stadium was going absolutely crazy. Like I mentioned before, I am not a DUKE fan so I wasn’t all that interested in the win but what I did find interesting was how the whole team including the coaching staff was wearing hats that read “903.”

Talk about Guts.

The team had t shirts, hats and all other kinds of paraphernalia made before they even won the game. Talk about guts, talk about fearless. Coach K even had his entire family there to experience this moment with him. But what if they didn’t win last night? I am sure that had to have crossed his mind as he invited the most important people in his life to a game he was hoping to win. Win # 903 was going to happen this season, it was just a matter of when. Coach K and every other DUKE fan believed it was last night. And they were right. What if we don’t?

A lot of the fears that I experience start with a “what if”, but last night I asked myself what if I don’t? What if I don’t chose to trust God with my life? What if you don’t wait for the right person to come into your life and settle for someone we were never meant to be with? What if we don’t make a stand for what we believe in? What if we don’t give away our last dollar to someone we feel we are supposed to bless? Just recently, I was presented with an opportunity to give financially to one of the amazing ministries of the Los Angeles Dream Center. They presented the ladies of our church with a need and I felt as though BJ and I were supposed to give. In all honesty, I was completely freaked out. I was so fearful to give because we have our money budgeted to the last penny. I know what we have and what we don’t have. I must have spent a whole week talking myself out of giving what I felt we should give. I made some pretty good arguments and almost convinced myself to keep the money.

This Time.

But I didn’t and decided to give despite my fears. I am so glad I did not allow fear to dictate my decision and I chose to believe that God would take care of us! Was it easy? No. Will it be worth it? Yes. Have I always chosen to believe? No. There have been many times where I have allowed fear to dictate my decisions. I have wanted to give so badly, but fear paralyzed me and kept me from truly receiving all that God has had for me. This time, I chose different.

TRUTH: Don’t panic. I’m with you.

There’s no need to fear for I’m your God.

I’ll give you strength. I’ll help you.

I’ll hold you steady, keep a firm grip on you. Isaiah 41:10 MSG

DARE: Instead of asking yourself, what if, ask yourself what if I don’t?

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