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I’ve been meaning to do a really good cleaning in my kitchen. I’m talking a good ole, on my hands and knees kind of cleaning. I was actually planning to do it this week. Well, I got a chance to this morning. Yeah for me, right? Not exactly. After feeding my girls their breakfast, I decided to make them some freshly squeezed orange and apple juice. I made a cup for myself and some for them. It was delicious as always and the girls really loved it. I did what I always do and threw a few orange peels down the sink to clean out the disposal and to make the sink smell fresh. Well I guess that wasn’t the best idea. Minutes later the sink began to fill up and started flooding over.

Clean up on isle 10.

I grabbed towels, removed any electrical kitchen appliance from the counter tops and started filling up my garbage can with sink water. Water was everywhere! I spent the next hour or so cleaning up water, scrubbing my floors, and giving my kitchen the attention it has been needing.

Things Just Happen.

I didn’t plan on scrubbing down my kitchen today and I sure didn’t wake up thinking, “Today, my kitchen sink is going to flood.” But I cleaned my kitchen and my sink sure did flood. As I was cleaning up I knew this was BLOG material. I had an hour to think this over and guess what? I got nothing. Nada. Zip. Zero. The only thing that came to mind was, sometimes your kitchen will flood. Yeah, I know, very insightful and profound. But you know, it is so true. Sometimes things just happen. I didn’t do anything intentional to cause my sink to overflow with water, but it did anyways. It just happened. Sometimes there are things that just happen and honestly may not really have a rhyme or a reason as to why. I tend to over think things when mishaps or inconveniences come my way and I often find myself thinking OK, If I would have done this or that maybe I wouldn’t be in this situation. Or, if I would have avoided this then this wouldn’t have happened. But it is not always the case. Sometimes there is no point, or life lesson. Sometimes things just happen.

It’s Not Over.

You know what else “just happens” sometimes? The plumber finally decides to come over and fix the problem right when you put your kids down for their nap. Oh yeah, a dog barking, a plumber who doesn’t understand the meaning “inside voices” and a very loud machine that has now been running for the past 30 minutes all happening right now as I write. Great thing is that my girls are sleeping right through it. Whew!

I Want to Hear From You.

Has something “just happened” in your world this week or even this morning? I want to hear about it, so please comment below.

TRUTH: “Apparently there is nothing that cannot happen today.” – Mark Twain

DARE: Don’t over think it. Some things just happen.

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