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School of Hard Knocks.

It’s a new and exciting season here in the Johnson household. BJ took on a full time position for a lighting company this past month. We felt it was what we were supposed to do in this season of church planting. For the past year, he has been able to stay at home with the girls, pick up some side jobs and put his efforts into church planting. The girls are growing up so fast and they are demanding more and more of our time. With a busy schedule and keeping up with the girls, we saw an opportunity for BJ to bring in more for us financially and for a chance for the girls to be in an environment where they can learn and grow! ‘Daddy Day Care’ has been awesome and I love seeing all that their daddy has taught them over the past year. His desire to be a present father and to focus on teaching them things was not enabling him to do the other things he has been called to do in this season. So, he took this position and after much prayer, we found the girls a wonderful pre-school to attend a few days out of the week.

Praying For My Miracle.

Enrolling the girls into a pre-school has been on our prayer list for some time now. It has been something we have circled over and over again in prayer- for God to not only lead us to the right school, but also for scholarship opportunities. This past month, our prayers were answered and we found the perfect place for our girls to attend and were given a partial scholarship because we are in ministry! How awesome right? (We are still praying and believing for FULL scholarships from either the school or from others who want to sow into their school, so if you would-remember us in prayer!) Pre School for TWO can cost you a pretty penny!

School of Hard Knocks.

This past week, I received a call from the girls’ school. They called to inform me that a little boy bit Kennedi on the shoulder while out on the playground. She let me know that it was a pretty bad bite and that it broke skin. By the time she was calling me (just minutes after) she was already bruising. Her teacher let me know that Kennedi was ok and already playing again and to also remind me of their procedure when a child is bitten, etc.

My heart broke in sadness, feeling so bad for my little K. A bite hurts! I also got very upset (to put it nicely) and wanted to know if this little boy was hurt in anyway (secretly hoping her sister Brooklyn took care of the situation before the teachers came to his rescue). Maybe I’m the only mom who has ever imagined “gently spanking” another child because he or she hurt one of her babies. If I am, so be it! I was hurt and I was mad.

This Wouldn’t Happen IF.

I was already frustrated that week because both of my girls, who hardly EVER get sick, had now had this constant runny nose and slight cough for the third week straight. So on top of viewing this awesome academy as a germ infested place, I had a little boy snacking on my kid for lunch! I started going down the list of things we wouldn’t have to deal with if the girls weren’t in school. The list went on and on until all of a sudden I had a BLOG moment.

I realized in that moment that what I was going through, was something I had prayed for!

I had spent months praying for an opportunity for the girls to go to a pre-school where they would learn and grow and here I am, standing in my miracle complaining. Sure, I wouldn’t have to deal with certain things that come with having your kids in school, but not having any of these issues, would mean I would not have my miracle.

My Miracle. My Mess.

I have a growing baby boy in my belly who I am so eager to meet! I am believing for a healthy boy-that’s my miracle. This little miracle is going to require a lot of my time and sleep- I would be crazy to assume any different. When you experience a miracle and are walking in your fulfilled prayers, know that there will be problems you’ve never had, inconveniences you’ve never experienced and times where you too will want to complain or fantasize about what life was like before. Remember, YOUR PRAYERS GOT YOU INTO THIS MESS!!!

Be encouraged! You have a mess because you have a miracle. You have poopy diapers because you have a healthy child. You have car issues because you have a car. The messes in life and the things we walk through are indications that we are growing, moving forward and living!

I would give anything for my girls never to experience what Kennedi experienced, that goes without saying- but I have to know that these new seasons will come with new sets of challenges.

Bringing It Home.

Are you living in a new season and feeling overwhelmed by the new mess you created in your prayer closet? If so, you are in good company. Keep moving forward- your mess is a sign of progress and just as God gave you the strength to endure the last season of your life, He will give you the strength to endure whatever new challenges that come with your miracle.

Every week I highlight a TRUTH about you, your life, or about a situation you may be facing and then I DARE you to believe it.

TRUTH: Your prayers got you into this mess!!!

DARE: Fully embrace this new season and count your blessings, you are standing in your miracle.

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