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3 Ways to Jump Back into Your Routine Post Vaca ☀️

Our Crew is livin’ it up and enjoying all the summer things. We just got back home after being away for 10 days. 

We caught a couple of Braves games (our fav summer tradition) and then met some of our Cali family in Alabama for a week at the lake—fireworks on the water and er’thang. 

We’ve had so much fun and have been gone so long, Brax said “boat, wawa” about a dozen times on the way home 🤣. you can check out some of our fav moments on the gram 

I love traveling and vacationing, but it sure is nice to be back home and back to the routine. 

If you’ve been traveling too, have plans for some traveling or if you’re feeling the post holiday slump, here are three things I do to help me jump back into my routine. 

1. Make room for transition.

I would have loved to squeeze out an additional day with family before driving home, but we decided to get on the road early so that we could have space to transition home. I was able to organize our space, unpack and prepare for the next day. I give myself this time to reflect on our trip, too. If you can plan to give yourself an afternoon or a day before jumping back into your routine, do it. 

2. Set yourself up for success.

With the buffer day, I’m able to make a quick run to the grocery store to get healthy foods to pack, pack my gym bag and look at my calendar. I don’t give myself room to talk myself into it—I just do it. Maybe for you it’s booking your group fitness class or meal prepping your first meal or setting out your running shoes for your early morning walk—eliminate the hurdles that come with the post-vacation blues. 

3. Jump back in.

Do one thing that’s a part of your routine as soon as you can! Whether that’s drinking water, eating a nutritious meal, going for a short walk, journaling or going to bed early. Living it up all the way until you have to wake-up to your alarm clock the next day with “one last cheat meal” for example, hardly ever gives us any motivation. Doing one thing from your normal routine helps create that momentum. 

Bonus—you’re not “getting back on track” or “doing good” after “doing bad.” You’re just back home and back to your routine. Be grateful for your time away, own your vacation decisions and be ready to move forward. 

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