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4 Habits to Avoid Burnout.

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

I’m just in a funk. I just feel a little off. I’m so drained. I just can’t seem to get motivated. We have all been there. Perhaps you are right there today—in a funk, experiencing emotions you can’t quite articulate or explain. Nothing is terribly wrong, but everything isn’t perfectly right either. It’s called burnout. Whether you spend your weeks studying for exams, working full time, volunteering at a non profit, staying at home with your babies or building a business, if we don’t refuel, we are going to burnout. Burnout is a result of running on fumes or pouring from an empty cup. Pictured above are the remnants of my French Toast Latte that I devoured in 2.5 seconds. I drank it so quickly, by the time my daughter asked for a sip, I had already finished the whole thing. Holding it upside down over her mouth, I think she might have found a drop or two because she’s that committed. This empty cup is what some of our lives look like. Rather than refilling ourselves, we are trying to pour out from this place. And as a result…

  1. The things that usually bring us joy are now becoming areas of frustrationand tension.

  2. The commitments we have made now seem like daunting tasks that we desperately want out of.

  3. The things we have brushed over or the emotions we’ve allowed to lay dormant are coming to the surface. ( we are ready to quit, give up or stop short.)

Burnout. If you find yourself there or if you want to avoid the burnout trap, here are Four Habits to Avoid Burnout you can incorporate into your life today. 1. Armor Up. The first thing that pops up on my phone every morning is the weather outside. It lets me know how I should prepare as I get ready to hit the gym. Looking at the temperature, I can decide if I’m wearing my coat, my scarf or both. Just like I want to make sure I am prepared for the temperatures outside, I want to make sure that I am prepared for whatever it is that I will encounter that day—whether at my job, at home with my family, or responding to text messages and e-mails. I do this by spending time with God. One of my favorite APPS is the First 5 App. It takes a few minutes and always speaks right to me. It’s more than an inspiring quote that I can share on Instagram, but the content arms me with the truth of God’s word,  preparing me for the day ahead. Reading the scripture of the day from the Youversion Bible App is a great way to kick the day off in strength. It’s like the coffee before the coffee! Spending time with God gives me perspecitve, grace, courage and peace–everything I need to win the morning. 2. Grow Up. When we aren’t actively growing and putting ourselves in uncomfortable situations that promote growth, we will feel stuck. Everything about our nature is always adapting, growing and reproducing. Being stagnant causes frustration. I make sure to find things that challenge me dailyweeklymonthly and yearlyI have never met a person who was actively growing while experiencing burnout at the same time. Notice, I did not say their lives were void of hardship or resistance.   3. Freshen Up. Find ways to breathe fresh life over your day-to-day. Don’t let it become stale, but instead, discover the new and beautiful in the midst of the ordinary. Some days I finish the day by writing down specific things that I am grateful for. Right now, I am really grateful for the new workout pants I was gifted for Christmas. Yesterday, I was grateful for the belly laughs I shared with my son at lunch. When you know you have to write something down at the end of the day/week, you will not only look for the tiny moments that keep things exciting, but you will find them. 4. Check Up. Things get out of alignment and start to get off balanced. Although I never try to find the perfect balance for this adventure called life, I do try and find a rhythm.  I create times to check- in with myself and with BJ, to re-evaluate where things are. We recognize what’s not working well, what is demanding too much effort and what is no longer yielding the return on our investment. It is a time to forecast what is on the horizon in order to make adjustments.  Refill yourself, stay committed to growth, see today with a fresh perspective and check in with yourself often.

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