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My children are growing like crazy! It’s like they go to sleep wake up taller, wiser and more independent–It’s a beautiful thing to experience as a parent. Of course, you reminisce of the day’s they’d let you hold them all day long or times they needed you to do certain things for them, but watching your children grow is a rewarding process.

I’m amazed at the things they know, understand and feel at their age. They are passionate, kind and incredibly smart. They are three little humans who teach me new things everyday. They help me see the world through their eyes–A world that is void of complication, worry and bitterness. They live in a world I desperately want to know and experience.

Brooklyn climbed up on my lap and asked me why some flowers wither and turn brown and others bloom and grow. I began to explain how the flowers that  bloom brightly are flowers that are planted, ones that  get the right amount of sunlight and water.

This was my BLOG moment.

It was as though she already knew the answer to her own question and began to explain further. She said, “Mommy, flowers need to stay planted and even though we want to pick them and give them to you, they will eventually turn brown. But if they stay in the ground, they will be beautiful.”

Our life draws such a parrallel to the life of a flower. In order to see our best, most beautiful life, we should take notes from this little lesson from Brooklyn.

Flowers bloom when and where they are planted. They bloom when they have the right amount of water and light. When you and I are planted and committed to the process of God we will bloom, we will harvest.

Since most of us are not gardeners or experts in agriculture, we don’t know what to look for when measuring growth. Many times, we don’t feel like we are growing even though we are. Even when we don’t see it above the soil, growth is happening. When we don’t see what we want to see, we uproot–but a beautiful life is a result of a deeply rooted life. If we stay committed to the process, keep our confidence and discipline ourselves to stay planted, watered and exposed to light…we bloom!!

Are you in a season where you feel like growth isn’t happening? Are you in a dry place? I encourage you, stay planted, get around those who encourage your growth and allow Jesus to refresh your soul.

TRUTH: “They are like trees planted along the riverbank, bearing fruit each season. Their leaves never wither, and they prosper in all they do.” Psalm 1:3


Dont uproot! Stay planted.



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