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To Post or Not to Post… That is the Question

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

I like social media and in the same breath, I don’t like social media.

I like social media because it connects us with the world in an incredible way. We have family all across the globe and I love being able to keep up with each other.

I’ve also made some really great friendships though social media. People who were once strangers are now my friends—not followers, friends that I have now spent time with, chatted on the phone with and shared my victories with.

How cool is that?

But, then I dislike it.  People have the ability to share something with me that I’d rather not see  or read.

All of a sudden it’s like you are roommates with thousands of people—you know what they had for breakfast, how the voted, and how much further they are in life, fitness and/or fashion.

It really is a like /dislike relationship isn’t it?

It’s not going anywhere and since I haven’t made the decision to get rid of it in my life all together, it’s wise that I keep the right perspective.

There seems to be so many spoken/unspoken rules about social media—how to post, when to post, and what to post.

I’m not sure who made anyone the social media police (unless there is an actual academy I’m unaware of) but those rules are there—and many of us play by those rules.

You may not realize it, but the questions you think through before clicking post are the rules you adhere to.

For example—am I posting too much about my kids?

Should I post at a better time?

Is that caption clever enough?

Is it spiritual enough?

Is this photo of good quality?

And this one...

Is it worthy of the gram?

Am I the only one?! I don’t think I am.

It’s baffling isn’t it? That we would actually consider if a captured memory is good enough or worthy enough to share.


I’m not here to give us any more rules, but I do have some lenses we can look through when posting on social media.

These questions have nothing to do with others, but everything to do with us.

1. Do you like the photo? If you like it… post it. and do so without saying “I know this photo isn’t“....stop speaking to your inner critic.

2. Is it true? I’m not suggesting you downplay a special moment with your husband by airing out his dirty laundry, but is what you are posting true? If so, post it.

3. Are you trying to prove something? Is it about a moment with your family, or is to show someone else that you’re “living it up, to? Don‘t post it.

4. Are you creating moments to capture on Instagram? Are you going somewhere, dressing a certain way, participating in an acitivity because it will look good on instagram? If so, don’t post it.

5. What is the point? Did you scream at your kids the entire time? Did you bribe them or threaten them to smile and look like they are having a good time, or are you guys actually having a good time?

If the point is to capture a moment and share with those you are in social media community with, then post it.

But, If the point is to curate an experience so that you have something to post, then don’t.

How silly is it to have a picture to post but an experience that tells an entirely different story?!

Like I said, these aren’t rules, and I’m not the Police, but these are lenses that have helped me stay honest, truthful and free from the rules and standards others have set.

These lenses have kept me in check when I fall trap to the “Let’s all live lives worthy of the gram.”

I hope they help you too.

What about you? Do you have any helpful lenses that filter your motives and reveal your intentions before you post?

If so, I’d like to hear them. Post them in the comments below.

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