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This past week, I said, “See you soon!” To all my social media friends. I have never taken a break from social media and to be frank, I have always secretly rolled my eyes whenever I would see people saying they are either taking a break from social media or getting rid of it all together.

I love connecting on social media–with so many of our friends and family living in different parts of the world, it’s a great way to stay up to date on what’s happening in their world! It’s also a place where I unapologetically post pictures of my coffee or doughnuts.

Of course, social media has its ups and its downs. My least favorite part is witnessing so many people take jabs at one another–whether it’s mommies who vaccinate their children vs mommies who don’t, people who vote democratic vs those who vote republican. I don’t need to give you anymore examples, you’ve seen them and maybe you’ve even been a part of them.

I am all about being able to engage in healthy/life giving conversations about our beliefs and views of this world. After all, we celebrate FREEDOM today in a country we refer to as, “the land of the free and the home of the brave.”

But I didn’t decide to take a break because of any of those reasons.

The past few weeks, I’ve been thinking about and learning about peace, rest and the importance of taking necessary pauses to unplug and disconnect. Raising 3 amazing kids, leading a vibrant church and having a fun/productive schedule, these areas can easily be overlooked or experienced only on a superficial level.

Anyways, I was finding myself scrolling through my social media feeds anytime I had break in my day or opening up my e mails before I even jumped out of bed. I realized that my moments of rest weren’t really rest as my mind raced and was in a constant state of  “producing” as I scrolled through/read articles about or stumbled upon the 19 summer must do’s with kids, the 84 things every pastor should do or the cool thing someone in Oregon was doing.

My mind, body & spirit although I was “resting” weren’t really experiencing rest. Social media was high jacking impromptu conversations at the grocery store, the experience of people-watching while waiting for my car to be washed or from simply just being.

Have you ever just tried to “BE”? Meaning, to be fully present in thoughts, emotions…making eye contact with people, being genuinely interested in what people are saying and doing around you? I know that I have in moments, but not nearly as much as I want to. So, I decided to unplug for a month and see what it feels like to just, be. I have watched the news & read the newspaper to keep up with local/global news, but other than that, I have never been more present in Fort Lauderdale, FL than I have this week.

The first day I was experiencing withdraws–not missing social media, but finding myself filling my time with other things. So, I had to consciously fight to just BE!

Our kids have been visiting their grandparents in NC this past week (can’t wait to see them on Monday!!!!!) So it’s been just me and BJ. We’ve had a great time together..hanging out with friends–going to dinner at 10pm, just because, taking naps, writing and sending an e mail in one sitting… And just being.

I’m not encouraging you to take a break from social media, but I would encourage you to identify things that are high jacking your rest, moments of just being and opportunities to engage with the world around you.

Happy Fourth of July!!!

TRUTH: “What you can’t give away or pause from doing owns you.”

DARE: Just Be!


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