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Yesterday was a day filled with BLOG moments! I think I have enough material to last me an entire year. It was one of those days that everything is annoying. You know what I’m saying, right?

I wasn’t frustrated of angry, just annoyed. I had a ton of, “Come on people!!!” moments and finished my day, scrolling through “funny quotes” on Pinterest in hopes to laugh instead.

I woke up this morning, determined it wasn’t going to be an annoying day! That was until a bobby pin got lodged in my hair and I had to call in the reinforcements (my husband) to help. I have a ton of baby hair coming in and it’s, well, annoying.

I chuckled it off and proceeded to the gym. Only to find MY, yes MY elliptical being used by someone else. Doesn’t this person know it was mine? How… ANNOYING.

Ok, so maybe this day hasn’t gone annoyance-free. When I got back home, I opened up the devotional I have been going through with my kids. (most of the time they’re picking their nose, fighting with each other or asking for a snack) This morning was no different. But right there, while reading this kid-devotional, I had a BLOG moment.

“Clothe yourself with the Lord Jesus Christ.” Romans 15:13

This was the verse of the day and the concept was simply this. Just as you clothe your body, do so for your soul. Clothe yourself in Jesus so that you can be prepared for your day. Just like if you bring a jacket in case it gets cooler, clothe yourself in peace, joy, patience…

If I want to have an annoyance-free day, (or at least not be annoyed by the annoyances) then I need to make sure my inside attire is on point. I need to be in communication with Jesus– just like I would pull up the weather app to check today’s forecast & check my schedule to see where I’m headed today. When I communicate with Him, He prepares me, shows me what I need to PUT ON in order to have a great day. He will reveal to me/us how to pray and how to prepare for what’s ahead.

So, today, my OOTD is laughter! I’m going to find the humor in today. I’m going to not be so up tight about things, laugh with people and hopefully, hopefully, not give anyone a high five, in the face, with a chair! (Haha, one of the funny quotes I came across yesterday, thought I’d share.)

TRUTH: “Clothe yourself in the Lord Jesus Christ.” Romans 15:13

DARE: Make sure that your inside attire is on point!

Would love to hear from you!!  What are you going to PUT ON TODAY? What’s today’s, OOTD? Comment below.


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