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You Are Enough

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always wanted to make people proud. Whether it was my parents, teachers or coaches, I wanted to do the right things, be my teacher’s most responsible student and the be the most hard working athlete. And now in my adulthood, I desire just the same.

I have taken every type of personality test and they all share a common theme-I am an achiever and receiving appreciation is highly motivating for me.

Being an achiever can be a great thing, when yielded and rooted in the right things.

In my greatest victories and in the middle of my most challenging moments, I  continue to hear the Holy Spirit whisper this over me.

“Sarah, you are enough.”

And, although I don’t consiously do any of the things that God has entrusted me with believing that I am not enough, it has served as a grace-filled reminder that whether I do all the things or not, I am enough.

At the core of who I am, I want to make God proud. I want to leave it all on the line for Him and I desire to make a difference for His namesake.

But, nothing I have done or will ever do will make me love Him more. Who I am is enough.

The same is true for you friend. I don’t know if you’re like me, but if you are, I want to remind you today that your worth is not hidden in what you do, but it’s found in who you already are.

Rebekah Lyons says it like this, “It’s never been about what you bring, but who you are.”

I hope that ushers in peace, joy and strength to your present moment as it has for me!

I’m all about running hard and living with the understanding there is work to be done, things to accomplish and people to reach.

But I am trying to remain rooted in the understanding that I don’t do any of it in order to achieve a place of belonging, but, rather, from a place of belonging.

We already have the attention of the creator of the earth. We don’t need to earn it, work for it or beg for it-we simply need to own it and live everyday with that understanding.

You are enough. You are enough.

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