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Burger Crawl

This past weekend, we headed up to North Carolina to pick up our crew. The kids had been visiting with their Grammie & Poppie the week before. So, right after service on Sunday, we hit the road.

Seeing my babies was the best! Ah, I missed them so much. BJ and I are so grateful for the time we had together, just us and the time our kids got to spend with their grandparents. It really was a win, win for everyone. On Saturday night, BJ and I sat, eating frozen yogurt and watching the fireworks together, soaking in the last moments of just me and him. We looked at each other, and reminded each other just how grateful we are that our family isn’t just us. Oh how I love my kids.

If you know anything about us, you know we love burger joints! Like when does burger, fries and a shake not sound yummy? Exactly. A few weeks ago, we read an article reporting, Greensboro, North Carolina was home to the #1 rated burger place and just a few hours away, in Knoxville, TN was the #5 burger place, in America.

Guess where we were? Greensboro, NC! Guess where we were traveling for the day to visit with BJ’s grandparents? Yep, driving right past Knoxville. So, a mini burger crawl was in order.

Somewhere during these couple of days was a BLOG moment, or two. But, they don’t compare to the yummy moments I experienced. So, without further ado, here are the pictures of our adventures! If you are ever in the area, I DARE you to try one of these burgers.



Knoxville, TN || Stock & Barrell || “The Hurtlocker” Pimiento Cheese, Benton’s Bacon, Fried Green Tomatoes, Bourbon Onion.

This area of Knoxville has quickly become one of my favorite little places. Really charming area! The wait was over one hour and since we were driving back to NC that evening, we decided to grab the burgers to go. We found a picnic table and enjoyed our burgers AND dessert outside, I’m glad we did.


Greensboro, NC || Hops Burger Bar || “North Carolinian” Applewood bacon, fried green tomatoe, farm fresh fried egg, pimiento cheese & lettuce.

Having tried both… I have to say, Stock & Barrel took the cake! My pictures don’t do them justice–I was too excited to take a good photo. Haha!


Reunited and and it feels so good.

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