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Cow Appreciation Day.

I have this cute, printable picture, framed on my dresser that reads, “I love you because…” With a washable marker, I write different things to finish that statement to BJ. It currently reads, “I love you because you know my Chick Fil A order.” It’s true! If you know my Chick Fil A order, you really know the way to my heart. Haha!

This past week, the kids and I, along with our friends, dressed up like cows for Chick Fil A’s #cowappreciationday. It’s the only day you will see me embracing the looks of a cow! For those of us who dressed up like a cow, we got to eat for FREE!

Yep! You read that right, for FREE. When we got there, the place was packed with cows everywhere! As I got up to order, I ordered three kids meals. She totaled it all up and it was a whopping ZERO dollars. I hesitated ordering myself something because I actually felt bad for my lame of an excuse cow costume in exchange for a free meal. Not sure why I felt so bad, after all, I think my family single handedly, keeps their doors from closing, haha!

I looked around the room and saw nothing but happy cows eating their meals! The employees were in the cow spirit too and they even had two cows come out for an appearance (not real cows!). The place was filled with joy! Chick Fil A is already awesome,  but, FREE Chick Fil A… That’s out of this world, amazing!

As I sat there sipping on one of the kids drinks, I had a BLOG moment.

Generosity is one of those contagious, amazing things to be a part of. I read a quote that said, “make generosity a part of your growth plan.” I love this thought–it’s so true, when we are generous we grow. Chick Fil A understands that in order to grow, you must give/sow! They weren’t worried if the same people came in for breakfast, lunch and dinner, they were happy to serve people free food. Some people in there didn’t get too creative in their cow costumes…some even just writing, “cow” on their white t shirt with a permanent marker. But, whether you went all out or just did the minimum, you were served with a smile and received free food.

I’m at a time of my life where I want to grow in certain areas. Maybe you are like me and you have what you currently have protected in a death grip. This past week I was challenged to live with an open hand, to be generous with what I have been entrusted with, knowing that as I give, I will in turn receive.

I heard someone say, “what you aren’t willing to give away, actually owns you.” I don’t want things, possessions or items to own me. I want to live and lead in generosity! We don’t have to millionaires to be generous and we don’t have to be the richest person in the room to be the most generous person in the room.

TRUTH: Let generosity be a part of your growth plan.

DARE: Give something away today, sow a significant seed!


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