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Do You Have Trust Issues?

I love to travel--especially by plane and right now I am missing it!  🎉✈️

Anytime we travel by plane, our friends and family wish us a safe flight. We always respond with a, ”We will.” Even though we are not the pilots and arriving safely has nothing to do with us. 

In quarantine I have been dreaming about and reflecting on our last trip to Dallas!

When boarded the plane, buckled up and within five seconds, my husband and many of the other passangers on board were fast asleep without a care in the world. 

While the flight attendants did their, “in case of an emergency” monologue people slept, checked their Instagram, sipped their coffee and read their books. I looked around and noticed there was not a single person paying attention. Not one. 

No one was asking to speak to the pilot to verify he was able to fly this 175,000 pound aircraft. No one was asking to check the wheels or see if there was enough gas for the trip. 

Everyone, including myself had complete confidence that the pilot flying the plane was capable.

I laughed at the confidence we have in putting ourselves onto an airplane and the certainty we feel about a 175,000 pound airplane flying in the air. 

Yet, we aren’t sure if God, the Creator of the universe is capable enough to take care of our needs or our circumstances. 

The past couple of months, we have been given the opportunity to trust God like never before. I have asked a lot of questions, made a lot of suggestions and, at times, figuratively asked God for His flying credentials. 

But, I have also experienced great peace, hope and encouragement as I’ve remained in a posture of surrender, trusting God with a confident heart. 

In moments when I’ve been tempted to be anxious, I have reminded myself that God’s got this! 

It has been so freeing! 

If you and I can trust God with our eternity and trust a pilot to get us across the country, how much more can we trust God with our tomorrow? 

God is capable. He is able. He is sovereign. He’s got this. 

So, sit back, relax and ENJOY the ride. Enjoy the adventure He has called you to—soak up the view from 300,000 feet up in the air and know that He is with you!

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