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Don’t Stop. Believin’.

My girls are toddlers! Where in the world has the time gone? I now know what all you mommies mean when you post status’ updates that say, “You know you are a mommy when you no longer go to the bathroom alone.” I used to giggle at those updates and now I am no longer giggling at you, I am giggling with you. My house is completely rearranged with random objects blocking the lamp, (my girls love to knock the lamp over time and time again) and the garbage can has permanently found its home in our hallway, which blocks the “cleaning supply cabinet” along with my vacuum and laundry basket. Confused? So am I. haha.


After I hurdle my way through the baby proofed hallway and attempt to “use the bathroom” in peace, I usually notice four little eyes starring at me. For a while they would just look at me and wait for me to finish. Those days are long gone. After watching me maneuver through the various objects that stand in the way between the hallway and the bathroom, my girls are no longer satisfied with just starring at me from the other side. They climb, move, re arrange, even army crawl their way to me every time. They are relentless. The never stop. They are so focused and determined to get to me, no matter how difficult it appears to be. I am sure in “Mommy 101” you shouldn’t allow them to cross over to the other side, but I do every time. I admire how relentless they are. I don’t ever want them to lose that. I want to be more like them when I grow up. No Boundaries.

I am a firm believer in boundaries and that boundaries are meant to keep us from harm. And while I want to teach them to respect and honor the boundaries I have laid out before them, I don’t want them to lose their desire to never give up. I think we lose that along the way in this journey called life. I know there are times in my life when I have wanted to throw in the towel, and give up all together on something or even someone. I was such a proud momma starring at my girls as they pried their way through the many obstacles that stood in their way. Our journey is no different. There are many obstacles that stand in our way. Whether we have put them there or whether they have been placed in our way to test our desire to never give up. This year has started off strong for me and I am still as hopeful as I was on December 31, 2011 when I rang in the new year. But it doesn’t mean that there have not been things that have already tried to stand in my way. When we believe for big things we have to be prepared for big things to stand in our way.

No Doubt.

My girls have no doubt in their minds that they are going to get to me. Even when they come up short and when I have baby proofed it just right, they try again and again each time believing that what they have set their mind to they will accomplish. This is what I think about when the Bible talks about us needing childlike faith. I know there are times I have lost my childlike faith and what is in front of me seems impossible to get through. What about you? Do you find yourself having a hard time believing that you can accomplish what is in your heart? I would love to hear from you. Share with me an area in your life where you are having trouble believing by commenting in the box provided below.

TRUTH: “Don’t Stop Believin’.” -Journey

DARE: Don’t Stop Believin’.

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