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Easier and Harder.

Yesterday I spoke to one of my dearest friends on the phone. We talked, we laughed and caught up on life. We of course talked about what we were learning and areas we were being challenged in. She began to talk to me about how one day she would love to trust God so much that she would wake up in the morning and say, “God I know you got this!” and truly mean it. She asked if trusting God ever becomes easier, and wondered if she would ever truly get to that place.

One Step.

For most of you who have followed my journey, you have seen my story of trusting God one step at a time unfold right before your eyes. You have read about the times my faith seemed to fail or times when I have felt as though I can help change the world. When it comes to trusting God, this is what I have learned.

Daring Adventure.

Each step that God asks you and I to take will seem more daring than the step before. We often think that the steps of faith God is going to ask us to take will be less scary or will seem to be less of a risk. The opposite it usually the case. When BJ and I were newlyweds and we had an opportunity to move across the country for an amazing church, we without hesitation jumped at the opportunity. We felt as though if it worked out great, and if it didn’t, OK! We didn’t have many commitments, financial burdens, and not even a dog to care for. Making that choice to leave our lives, family and friends was a risky choice, but an easy one in comparison to the steps that would follow.

The steps of faith that we would take after that, would only prove to be more uncertain.

I have joked to people about BJ and I being “adventure junkies.” Some people appreciate the term and some consider it “irresponsible.” I think life is meant to be more than what most consider to be the “American Dream.” But, maybe that’s just me. What I mean when I say that we are adventure junkies, is that we have become addicted to trusting God and seeing Him prove Himself to be faithful to us over and over again.

I explained to my friend on the phone that while each step that God asks us to take becomes more daring and uncertain, your trust in Him becomes stronger and stronger.

The bigger the step, the more you HAVE to trust in God. Small steps can often be accomplished on our own, but as you and I begin to take bigger steps, our need for Him is inevitable. So although what we are doing isn’t easier, trusting Him is.


God’s desire is that our journey will bring us closer to Him. That we realize more and more how little we are and how great He is. I am not saying that your “big step of faith” is a move across the country or quitting your job. Your “big step of faith” is simply the next step. Whatever that looks like, whatever that may be, I encourage you to take it. This new season we are in is the most uncertain, scary, awesome season we have ever experienced. What has kept me from going crazy is the OBVIOUS need for Him in my life. BJ and I can not do this without Him. Trusting Him is easy.

Every week I highlight a TRUTH about you, your life, or about a situation you may be facing and then I DARE you to believe it.

Here is this week’s TRUTH or DARE.


“Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders Let me walk upon the waters Wherever You would call me Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander And my faith will be made stronger In the presence of my Savior.” Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) Hillsong United, Zion.

DARE: Before you go to bed tonight and when you wake up in the morning declare, “God I know you got this!!”

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