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Easter With My Peeps.

This past weekend was seriously one of my favorite weekends to date–So much, that I decided to share some of my favorite moments with you.

EASTER weekend is much like the Super Bowl in the world of church. It’s the BIG weekend–higher attendance, more people giving church a shot and of course, the message of Jesus’ death and resurrection being proclaimed across the earth.

The weekend is often accompanied by stress and anxiety, wanting everything to be right for those who will be experiencing the life-giving message of Jesus for the first time. It’s a responsibility that is felt and a burden that is tangible. But, the week leading up to the BIG day, I had a BLOG moment.

As I was praying for my friends, family and baristas to experience the love of Jesus like never before, I felt Jesus speak to me so clearly. He said, “Sarah, Easter is for you too.” Easter weekend is just as much for me as it is for those we host at our churches. What Christ did for them, He did for me. I just get the beautiful opportunity to help lead the charge.

So, I decided to make this Easter personal for me and for my family. I decided to not get bogged down in the details, but instead enjoy this beautiful weekend.

Sunday at Influence Culture was all time. We held two services, and they both went great! Every aspect of the day went well, including our delicious brunch spread and fun Easter Egg Hunt hosted by our friends at C&I.

I especially loved being able to celebrate Easter with my best friend Alyssa and our friend Tina (she and her husband and baby girl moved here from Texas and serve on our Lead Team) the three of us have been friends for over 9 years, and have spent many Easters together. We have been a part of many dramas, dances and Easter plays–we almost did one just for old time sake.

We went to Disney, bbq’ed by the pool, went to the beach and laughed all weekend long! It was absolutely perfect!! Not becuase of the church services I went to, but because of the community I am a part of. I am so grateful that before I got caught up in the details of this weekend, I paused and listened to Jesus. I’m so glad I made Easter personal.


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