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I hope you are having a beautiful day, wherever you are in the world. I woke up this morning and felt so strongly to encourage you!

This past week, I have received text messages, social media inboxes, phone calls from friends, family and acquaintances, encouraging me!  Even a woman at the gym randomly encouraged me while I was completing my time on the treadmill. Can I just say, it has brought me such strength, confidence and hope. I wasn’t having a bad week or even a bad day, but their encouragement inspired me to not only keep going, but to REALLY go after the things in my heart. Their encouragement echoed in my heart when I faced moments of doubt or felt anxious about something.

When I looked up the definition of encouragement, it read–the ACTION of giving someone support, confidence or hope.

Encouragement is an action that perpetuates action. When we are encouraged, we do something about it– We take the extra step, we go after what we are afraid to do, we complete the task and walk in strength.

So, I’m here to encourage you. I’m here to be that voice that whispers, you are good enough, you’ve got this. I am cheering you on, standing in your corner and believing that what is in your heart matters to God.

So be encouraged my friend! You’re doing better than you think, you are further than you can see and you are stronger than you feel!

But dont hoard this encouragement–go out and encourage someone else!

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