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Fake News!

You’re going to be embarrassed. You’re not going to have the provision you need. People are going to think you’re irresponsible. It’s going to look like you’re a quitter. These are some examples of the thoughts I have been tempted to believe.

We all are bombarded with thoughts all day long. Our thoughts matter and are valuable to the way we live our life. Our thoughts determine our words, our words determine our actions and our actions determine our future.

FAKE NEWS is a popular phrase that’s used in the political/ media world. Everyday, information and “facts” are being served up to us to make us see our reality a certain way.

In the same way, our thoughts are constantly being served up to make us see our reality a certain way. So, what we think matters.

The other day, as I was laying in my bed, a rush of thoughts started filling my mind. Looking back at them they seem totally crazy and ridiculous, but in the moment they seemed like the truth or a potential truth.

Before I knew it, I was imagining outcomes of situations I hadn’t even experienced yet! My heart became anxious and I began to rethink life.

When all of a sudden, I stated out loud, “These are lies and are not the truth.” I immediately began to replace those lies with the truth. I began stating who  I am, who God is and the promises He has made to me.

When up against the truth, those lies held no value and were unable to take up any storage space in my mind. 

Rather than laying there anxious, I began to get excited! 

The enemy of our souls has no control over us, so he often tries to serve us up FAKE NEWS. And what I have come to realize is, those lies are usually the exact opposite of the promises of God.

For example, when I hear lies that “I’m going to be embarrassed for trusting God in a BIG way.” It usually means, “God is going to be glorified through my obedience.” 

The enemy of our souls is terrified of your future! He wants to create fear and a false narrative of the very thing that God is actually going to do in your life!

When we exchange these thoughts, what once held us captive, now sets us free!

That isn’t why it’s important that you know the truth about yourself, the truth about our God and the truth about your future in Him.

So, today, when you hear thoughts that make you shrink back or re think what He is calling you to, replace those thoughts with TRUTH. When you hear thoughts that make you skeptical of God or of those around you, replace it with truth!

When we exchange lies for truth, it influences what we declare, which influences how we act! And when we act out of those truths, we experience the BIG, beautiful, limitless life that God has for us!

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