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First Steps.

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This past week was a big one for the Johnson house– our little guy Jett, took his first steps. He has been standing up all on his own, pushing furniture around the house and walking with our assistance for a while now, but this week was different. I was sitting in the kiddo’s room and hanging out with the three of them while BJ put the finishing touches on his message for Influence Culture. There wasn’t anything extraordinary about this day, just another fun afternoon! When all of a sudden, Jett stood up in the middle of the room, and took his first steps–4 to be exact! Like any good mother would, I pushed him down, grabbed my phone and told him to do it again. OK, so I didn’t push him down, he fell all on his own. However, I did grab my phone, in hopes to document his new moves!

I finally grabbed some video footage of him taking like 6 steps. When I went to show it off to BJ, I realized that it was recorded on a weird setting, making this 20 second video, about a half of a second. Ahh, you can only imagine my frustration. I had my camera rolling for the next hour, only capturing a step here and there–nothing in comparison to the first, 4, solid, strong steps. I posted the wonky video anyways and went on about my day.

Since then, Jett has taken a lot of steps. Most of the time on his own, without anyone bribing him with something across the room. He just stands up, takes a few steps, falls down and does it all over again. If you have ever seen him crawl, the boy has moves! He is super fast, like super, super fast. But these days, he doesn’t always choose that method of transportation. As I was watching him do his thing, I had a BLOG moment.

Taking our first steps isn’t any easy thing–but often comes with a lot of bumps and bruises along the way. When we set out to do new things, it can be discouraging at times. After Jett took his first few steps, he did more falling than walking for most of that day. As his parents we weren’t disappointed with him, but instead, very proud. When we posted wonky video of him walking, people cheered him on! Not once, did anyone say, “Wow, bummed he fell so many times though, this kid has to get it right already.” Jett didn’t have discouragement in his eyes, or quit trying–in fact, he kept trying, over and over.

As we begin this new year, many of us are trying some new things–whether thats eating better, exercising more, spending less, or giving more. We are only 6 days in to this thing and I can assure you that, not all of us have mastered our new routine or schedule. In fact, I am sure most of us have already missed the mark, fallen down, or have taken a few steps backwards. Just like Jett, we must not get so worked up about the fall, but focus on the get back up part. The part when we dust ourselves off and try again. I feel like that should be a song (haha).

So, however this new year has started off for you, I want to encourage you to, begin again. Begin today doing that workout, not drinking that soda, volunteering your time, or demonstrating more patience…. It doesn’t matter that you have fallen down, it matters that you get back up.

Every week, I highlight a TRUTH about you, your life, or about a situation you may be facing, and then I DARE you to believe it.

TRUTH: “The godly may trip seven times, but they will get up again.” Proverbs 24:16

DARE: Begin again.

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