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It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year. I love Christmas. The amazing decorations, the delicious food, the fun parties and of course the gifts! Even though gift giving or receiving isn’t one of my love languages, I love watching people open a gift that I have chosen. It is a great feeling to give, even if it’s “not much.” This year is going to be by far the most exciting and special Holiday season for us. It’s the girls’ first Christmas and they are turning one Dec 30th. Since BJ and I got married, we have alternated Christmas Day and New Years with our families. This year, we are spending Christmas Day with my side of the family and then flying out to North Carolina to spend New Years with his side. We are super excited. Fed-Ex. The girls are so mobile these days and prefer walking around and exploring over sitting in our laps, so this 5 hour flight to North Carolina should be pretty interesting. I think I might have a few stories to share with all of you in the New Year! As I was planning our trips and going over my to do list the other day, I thought it would be a great idea to buy the girls some educational, fun, plane-friendly, toys. I found a few things I knew they would love and with my gift card (which is by far the best way to shop, guilt free haha) I purchased these gifts online. Within two days the packages arrived. I was so excited to open up the box and show the girls their new things. It’s Not Time. The purpose of these gifts were for our plane ride to North Carolina. I knew that if I gave it to them prematurely they would not be as interested with them and that the gifts would not truly serve their purposes. So I put them away. Since then I have desperately wanted to show them their new gadgets but each time I remind myself that it’s not the right time. They have no idea that Mommy has these gifts hidden away. I was organizing my room the other the day and the girls were helping me. They were actually undoing everything I was organizing. They came across one of their gifts, it’s an educational mini lap top. They both looked at it with so much interest and I quickly moved it out of sight. They didn’t think much about it after that. As I was hiding it in the closet, I had a moment. There are so many gifts that God has ready for us but He is waiting for the right time to give them to us. He knows that we don’t really need certain gifts or provisions right now, so He is waiting for an appointed time. Wow! There are things that I have been praying for and asking God to grant me and the reason I have not yet seen them or have them in my possession is not because He is denying me my request, He is just waiting for the right time. When? God knows what we need, but most importantly He knows when we need it. My girls do not need these gifts quite yet, but in due time they will get them. Not only will they be happy, but everyone on the plane ride to North Carolina will be happy too! I don’t know what you have been asking God to provide you with or what miracle you have been believing for, but I want to encourage you that it is on it’s way. God will do what He has promised He will do, but He is waiting for the right time.

TRUTH: This vision is for a future time.

It describes the end, and it will be fulfilled.

If it seems slow in coming, wait patiently,

for it will surely take place.

It will not be delayed. -Habakkuk 2:3

DARE: Wait with expectation.

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