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God is Good.

“God is good!”  is a churchy saying we hear all the time. It’s fun to say when I’ve found the perfect parking spot or when things have gone my way. But, this past weekend, I couldn’t stir up enough courage to declare this as truth for me. Sure, I think that God is good, but do I really believe  that He is good, to me?

About 9 months ago, I saw that one of my new friends was hosting a women’s conference for her church! I knew instantly that I was supposed to be there. I had no idea why, but I felt that there was something that I needed to hear and experience.

This past weekend, I met my best friend (who lives in California) in Kansas City for this conference. If you know our story, my husband and I are smack in the middle of the biggest transition of our lives. What I didn’t know 9 months ago, God did!

We arrived with expectant hearts, and ready to spend some much needed girl-time together for the weekend. I arrived a little earlier than my best friend and had about an hour all to myself in the hotel room. And, all the mommas said a big ole, AMEN!

As I belly flopped onto the comfy bed,  I asked God to do one thing. I placed my hand over my heart and asked God to…

”Do something NEW in me.” 

From start to finish, the conference was powerful, prophetic and everything this girl needed, and more.

During worship, the team sang a song that I had never heard. The lyrics declare-

You are good, good, oh-ohh You are good, good, oh-ohh You are good, good, oh-oh-ohh You are good, good, oh-ohh

You’re never gonna let Never gonna let me down You’re never gonna let Never gonna let me down

From the top of my lungs, I declared that God is good over and over— Until it came to the point in the song that declared that He’s never going to let me down.  And as the room  of women began shouting this powerful truth, I stood in silence.

I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t find the bravery to say such things.

Did I believe God is good?  Yes! Did I believe He was good to me? I wasn’t sure. 

I have experienced disappointment, hardship and trials. I have watched friends lose their children and marriages end. I have had prayers that I feel go unanswered and things not turn out the way I desired.

I stood there as tears began to form a puddle on the floor underneath me, wanting to say those words, but not being able to.

I placed my hand over my heart, once again, and as I did I looked over, best friend looked right in my eyes and said, “He’s not going to let you down.”

I searched my soul, my heart and my thoughts, and as I began to take the pain, the hurt and the moments when I have felt let down to Him, I began to see that although I have experienced these things, He hasn’t let me down.

Although things hadn’t turned out the way I wanted them to, He wasn’t the author of my pain…He wasn’t the reason for my let down. 

Instead, He was the one who, every time, took my broken pieces and made something beautiful.

He was my comfort when I felt shattered, my healer when I experienced pain, my provider when I felt uncertainty and my ever present help in time of need.

He has never let me down and He isn’t going to let me down.

If I’m transparent, friend, it’s still a little hard typing these words. But I know that just like anything else, I have to develop my faith muscles to believe this as truth.

Maybe you feel like me, too. You believe that He is good, but you aren’t convinced that He is good to you. Can I whisper something to you today?

He’s never going to let you down. 

Will you experience hardship? Yes.

Will you experience heartbreak? Yes.

Will He use all things for your good? Yes.

I have kept this song on repeat in my car and every time, I find my hand over my heart, and each time I say it, I believe it more and more.

I listen to it so much, that my kids have it stuck in their heads! When I begin to shrink back, hold back or re-think this bold declaration, they begin belting it out.

Their childlike faith brings out the best in my faith and I sing along with them.

Because this song is true- He is good, He is good to me and He’s never going to let me down.

He is good. He is good to you and He’s never going to let you down.

He is not the author of your pain, but the One who took your pain to the cross. He is not bringing pain on your life, but will use your pain for His glory.

If you can’t shout it out, yet….whisper it. Listen to it, over and over again, until you believe it!

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