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Good Day. Bad Day. Which Day For You?

This past Sunday my favorite football team (since I was born), The San Fransisco Forty Niners lost to the New York Giants, ending their season one game shy of the Superbowl. I must admit I was heartbroken. I think I even cried. It was a close game and they lost by only three points in overtime. The game ended when the Giants’ kicker, made a game winning field goal. Before he kicked the ball the camera panned the Giants’ sidelines. I think just about every player looked up to heaven and prayed for it to go in. They panned the Niner’s sidelines and they too were praying, except they were hoping for a different result. The ball went in, the Giants went crazy and the Niners’ sidelines weren’t so happy. It was a good day for the Giants, a bad day for the Niners. What kind of day is it for you?

Good Day.

After the game I thought about this for a while. Both teams prayed/believed/hoped for the outcome to result in their favor. (I am not presuming that all these players are Christians and were praying to God) They were hoping/praying/believing for a certain ending and only one team went home happy. I thought about how sometimes my best day is someone else’s worst day. As I rang in my 28th birthday at midnight watching an episode of Revenge (great show by the way) I saw that one of my family members’ friends had just passed away. I was celebrating another year of life and someone else was mourning a death. Same God, same day, different feeling.

Bad Day.

I am sure none of the Niner teammates blamed God for the outcome of the game. (They had plenty of other reasons and players to pin the loss on) But I began to think about how many times I have felt “let down” by God. As I woke up this morning I felt like I should encourage you, whoever you are today who feels like God has let you down. Whether your marriage ended and you feel like God should have changed the outcome, or if you lost a loved one too soon and you feel angry towards God for allowing it to happen, or if you lost a job and you haven’t been able to find another job ever since, or if you lost a pregnancy and you are confused as to why this had to happen to you. I don’t know who you are or what you are facing or have faced, but I want to encourage you and remind you that God has not let you down. He loves you, remembers you and is here for you!

Which Day For You?

There have been many moments, situations and even season of my life where things seem to not work out in my favor. Times when I felt like God was so far away, but as I look back time and time again I see that He was always there. We live in a world where tragedy faces us everyday, but there is a God who is greater than any circumstance. He doesn’t bring us tragedy but He does allow us to go through it. God has not let you down, He has been setting you up! With every heartache, let down, or tough time, God has a hidden agenda to make you stronger, wiser, and ultimately make you and I more dependent on Him. I am not sure if you are having a bad day or a bad season but I want to remind you that God is for you and that He loves you.

Sometimes it seems as though God doesn’t answer our prayers. Sometimes it seems like He is so distant. But God is always there and He always answers our prayers, it is just not always the way we hope He would.

Are you having a good day? Are you having a bad day? Which day for you? Would love to hear back from you. Please comment in the box provided below and enter in to win a STARBUCKS gift card. My prayer is that if you are facing a tough time, that you have been reminded that you are not forgotten, that God has not let you down and that He is For YOU!

TRUTH: Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”

DARE: Spend just a few moments in God’s word today and be reminded of all His promises to you.

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