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Happy Birthday!

I turn 34 years old in just a few days and I’m excited  to celebrate with you. In the past, I have never been really big on celebrating my birthday.

Most years I beg my husband to not plan something special or plan any sort of surprises. Its not for a lack of gratitude for each year experienced or because I don’t welcome a new year with open arms, but the thought of people celebrating me overwhelms me at times.

I am more of a simple, let’s just grab coffee or lunch for my birthday kind of girl. So, I found a way you and I can celebrate my last year in my “early thirties”, haha!

Anytime I write, I imagine you and I sipping a cup of coffee or eating a yummy meal together and talking, face to face.

We might talk about our faith, our family, sharing in our victories or navigating something challenging. We might have a lot to say or we might find ourselves people watching and just being together.

Over the past few months, I have been writing about my story of waiting on a promise from God. You can read about it in mini e-book called, “Waiting.”

This e-book is for the girl who is waiting on a promise from God. It’s my gift to you on my birthday!

It can be your gift to someone else too. Here’s how— simply forward this newsletter to five girls in your world who you think need encouragement in their waiting.

This e-book will be available for a FREE download for anyone connected to the community! So, let’s spread the word & get this party started.

I can’t wait to share it with you!


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