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Here’s Why it’s Good to Lose!

We may have lost some things here, but we have lacked nothing.⁣

We’ve lost things that made us comfortable and things we have depended too much on.⁣

We’ve lost things that were familiar and routine. ⁣

We’ve lost things we had given too much attention to and place too much value in. ⁣

Some of our loss has been willingly, as we have surrendered them to God.⁣

And others have been the result of God tenderly and thoroughly pruning our lives. ⁣

Just like the children of Israel, as they placed their feet on the promise land, they lost manna—something they had depended on for 40 years. ⁣

God wasn’t punishing them, but proving His faithfulness as a God who fulfills His promise. ⁣

Manna was a temporary miracle for them while they traveled through the wilderness. But it was not a way to nourish and provide for them forever.

All they knew was manna. All they knew was heavenly carbs falling from the sky.

And then it stopped. I know they had questions and opportunities to doubt if God was still with them. A moment when they thought God had just forgotten about them.

But he hadn’t, in fact it was a display of His faithfulness.

When God allows you and I to experience what seems like loss and to endure the discomfort of the pruning process, it’s a sure sign of His faithfulness working in our lives. ⁣

They had crossed over into a land of abundance and when He stopped the manna, He already had new provisions for them!

It brings a greater meaning to that picture we see of Jesus asking a small child for their old bear while he is holding a bear behind his back—you know the one I’m talking about!

God has something greater for you and for me. He has something new! But in order for us to embrace it, He has to remove things first.

It is not to punish us—but to provide. It’s a moment when God once again demonstrates his power, his faithfulness, his provision.

So, if you’re like me and you’ve found yourself in a season of loss—it’s a sure sign that His faithfulness is all around it. Don’t resist it, embrace it.

Coaching questions:

1. What is God asking you to lay down and let go of in this season?

2. What is God pruning in your life so that you can experience greater growth?

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