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“I Love Your Journey”

I was talking to my best friend Alyssa on the phone the other day and as I was in the middle of telling her about my “not so normal day,” she blurted out, “Sarah, I LOVE YOUR JOURNEY!” It caught me off guard because nothing about my day sounded interesting or exciting enough for her to tell me that she loved my journey. She continued by telling me how my life has inspired her in so many ways. Tears rolled down my face and I was speechless. I had just spent the past few minutes telling her about a tutoring position I picked up for some extra money and how BJ had just passed his “server test” at Olive Garden and how he had been up the night before studying the ingredients that go into Chicken Marsala… nothing about this update was inspiring to me. In fact, it had made me weary and a bit embarrassed (if i could be honest). After all, we are a married couple who has twins on the way. We should have our dream jobs and dream house by now…shouldn’t we? As I sat on the other side of the phone, Alyssa said two words that seemed to be louder than any other word she used when talking about my journey and the effect it has had on her life. She said OBEDIENCE and RISK. I realized in that moment that my journey, my life had been a summary of steps of OBEDIENCE and RISK! And unlike sacrifice, when we chose to be obedient, we are simply choosing to act on what God is speaking to us regardless of the pay off. You see, when we are obedient we don’t always see the reward right away. When we sacrifice food when fasting, we usually see an immediate reward, answer prayer, etc. But it is much different when it comes to obedience. Mark Batterson, in his book, “Wild Goose Chase” says, “sometimes the will of God is IRRESPONSIBLE.” I love that statement because it really helps me understand the season I am in… and not only that, but it excites me to know that the uncertainties and the craziness is only a mere result of being in the will of God. Mark Batterson goes on to say , ” We feel something is wrong when we experience circumstantial uncertainty, but circumstantial uncertainty goes by another name…. ADVENTURE!”

When Alyssa made that statement to me it was like a light bulb went on in my spirit. You and I are on a great adventure filled with seasons, moments, jobs, situations, that don’t always make sense; but when we understand that this life God has chosen for us to walk in is confusing and complicated at times, we will be able to enjoy the journey rather than curse it.

I embrace this season not because it is my end result, but because it is a part of my journey, it is a part of my story. In these seasons we grow, we learn, and we gather our weapons that will make us ready for the next. I am so glad my life isn’t a cookie cutter, boring life, but instead is filled with uncertainty…filled with adventure! I love my journey too, and today I hope that my honesty has helped you get excited about yours. I know that those who choose to walk in obedience no matter what it looks like, and those who choose to TRUST God in the uncertain times, will truly live the life they were meant to live.

Let’s be risk takers, let’s step out and trust God in a new way…let’s be people that are willing to walk in the fullness of our purpose and destiny no matter what!! I love my journey…and I love YOUR journey too!

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