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I Quit!

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Turn the volume ALL THE WAY UP. 

I just finished a tough workout and chugged my coffee in less than 4.5 seconds— basically, I am talking in ALL CAPS right now! So, as you read this, be sure to turn the figurative volume all the way up!

It’s HARD.

Sticking it out and enduring the process is hard.

So is quitting.

Giving up isn’t the easier route.

Perhaps it feels like that initially but; when you decide to start back over again, you quickly realize that quitting was much harder than sticking it out.

I was talking to someone this past week about her health and fitness journey. She was sharing her many frustrations, her results or lack thereof and told me that she is ready to give up altogether.

I get it.

I have been there.

It’s OK to want to quit. Just don’t actually do it.

And, for those who aren’t giving up altogether, I’ll take it even a step further and encourage you to stop changing directions! Stick it out, doing what you are doing, right where you are.

Keep putting in the work. Keep showing up.

March is here and many of us have already given up or have decided to take on a new approach before that thing we are working so hard to accomplish has the chance to produce fruit.

I read a quote today that said, “ The last thing to grow on a fruit tree is the fruit.”

Which tells me that the process is long and it doesn’t often look like we are making progress. When we allow frustration to rule our emotions they will get the best of us and convince us to stop short.

So, how do we get to where we want to go?

One. Step. At. A. Time.

Speaking of steps, I’m taking the next step in creating a fearless and authentic community for us girls and will be hanging out on Facebook and Instagram LIVE every Wednesday morning at 10AM EST.

This week, I’ll be talking more about this idea.

It will be way more fun with you there!

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