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I Turned 28.

I celebrated my 28th birthday yesterday. I must say, it was one of my most favorite birthdays. A lot of people dread getting older, but I really embrace it. I am so thankful for another year of life. Like any year, this past year has had its share of ups and downs, but when I take a look back, I must say it has been a great one. Here are 27 of my most memorable moments this past year. In no particular order.

Celebrated my 27th B Day as a Mommy!

Moved to California

Tried a Pink’s Hot Dog for the first time!

BJ officiated his first wedding!

We dressed in 80’s attire for a costume party & won!

My niece Machaela visited with us.

Witnessed many bedtime stories….

Visited my family in Nor Cal many times!

Took my little pumpkins to the pumpkin patch!!!

Starred at these two faces all day!!!

Our First and BEST Christmas EVER!

Took the girls to the ZOO with my aunt & grandma. Something we did when I was growing up.

Stuffed a stocking for my Kennedi (The Lion)

Stuffed a stocking for my Brooklyn (The Monkey)

Watched my girls experience Christmas in Cali & NC

I was HOME for Christmas!

My Girls Turned 1!

Our girls with their GREAT grandpa Papa Jay.

Went to NC twice. The girls are the BEST little travelers.

Watched my grandparents hold their GREAT grand-baby girls!!

Watched My grandma Lydia with my babies.

My sister came to visit me & the girls in NC!

Celebrated 5 years of marriage!!

My niece Emily visited with us!

I’ve been able to spend practically everyday with my BFF ALyssa!!

My parents came to visit us in NC for the first time!

I got the running shoes I wanted & STARTED training for my half marathon!!!

TRUTH: “My best days are ahead of me.”- Danny Gokey

DARE: Make today count and do something memorable.

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