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It’s True… Gratitude is the Best Attitude

Yesterday afternoon, my kids and I came home to our living room and kitchen completely flooded. We legit had water up to our ankles as water was pouring down from our ceiling like a rainstorm. Apparently, the upstairs toilet flooded while we were gone.

I think I walked in circles for a good two minutes trying to figure out what to do first. After calling my husband, I began removing any items that might get ruined and began a very lengthy process of calling insurance  companies, plumbers and emergency service companies.

I had one moment of sadness and cried watching my new home fill with water. It was upsetting because who really wants something like this to happen? Nobody. We understand it  is going to be a process to get our home back in order and we don’t know all of the details, yet.

And, while there is opportunity to be overwhelmed, I mean it when I say we are so grateful.

Grateful for the flood? Maybe not. But after our moment of, “Oh my goodness there’s water everywhere!” We looked at each other and determined to have a good attitude in the midst of it.

Worrying or stressing or thinking about what this is going to cost us and the time and effort it’s going to require of our already filled to the brim, lives isn’t going to change the outcome, but it will hinder the present.

Gratitude is the best attitude and I believe it is the secret to miracles. We have already decided to believe that only good things will come from this.

Buying a home has been a 12 year dream of ours and we were able to buy this house a few months ago.

So, while we were laying down towels (as if that really did anything,  haha) we began to shout out all the things that we are grateful for.

We are grateful that this is OUR HOUSE!

We are grateful that it only flooded the living room and kitchen!

We are grateful that we weren’t already out of town (we are leaving today)!

We are grateful we have homeowners insurance!

We are grateful for Poppie and Grammie who took the kids for the night!

We are grateful for our neighbor who took our dogs for a few hours!

We are grateful for the texts and calls from friends willing to help in anyway!


Gratitude ushers in peace and joy. It’s not typically our first response to situations, so, gratitude is something we need to intentionally cultivate .

Here are 3 ways you can cultivate gratitude today.

1. Journal.  I love journaling and beginning my day writing the things and moments I am grateful for-it has been a game changer.

2. Thank You Cards. Keep a pack of thank you cards on hand and write a few to those in your life today.

3. Share Your Story.  Share your story with someone new—it’s incredible how many miracles & moments you forget that you have experienced.

What are some ways you cultivate gratitude?

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