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Learning to Fall

Learning to fall is very important when learning to walk. A few weeks ago, the girls ventured into a new world. Attempting to walk. I was really excited until I realized that with this new season came a lot of falling. They would pull themselves up to a stand, reach out for a toy and boom, fall. It wasn’t so fun after all. This happened for a day or so until I noticed they weren’t falling quite as hard. While learning to walk, my girls had learned to fall.

Falling is inevitable.

A few weeks ago while my husband BJ was flipping through the television channels we came across competition skateboarding. I have watched the X Games a few times but I had never really paid much attention to this sport. These guys can do some serious tricks. I was amazed to see what they can do with a skateboard. They were flying, flipping, and of course falling. It was surprising to see how these guys would fall and get right back up without even hurting themselves. These guys had this falling thing down to an art. What I didn’t know was that before they ever learn a skateboarding trick, they learn how to fall. Falling is inevitable, no matter how talented the athlete may be.

Falling is a part of life .

I don’t like to lose. I don’t like to fail. I don’t like to fall. I don’t really know anyone who says they do. I used to see failure as a weakness. Over the past few years, and especially over the past 6 months, I have seen that falling is inevitable. It would be great to avoid it completely but because falling is a part of life, we must learn how to fall. “Failure handled improperly can be devastating, but failure handled right is the best thing that could happen to us. Failures teach us the most valuable lessons.” (Wild Goose Chase) It is only when we are faced with hardship that we grow and become stronger. I was talking with someone the other day and she and I were catching up. We knew we didn’t have too much time to talk so we were giving each other the highlighted moments that have happened over the past few months. Of course, I told her about all the great things that have happened and were happening in my life. As I walked away from the conversation, I almost felt guilty for not highlighting the low, not so exiting moments. I guess I have come to a place in my life where I am not afraid to speak about the tough times. It’s almost as if I am proud of them. It has been the tough moments that have taught me about my character, my relationship with God, my role as a wife and a mom. I have seen miracles happen because I have been a candidate for a miracle. Failure has relieved me of the pressure to “always seem like I have it all together.” and just be honest with myself and others. Failing over and over again has kept me from taking the credit for the great things/moments that have come my way. I have learned to not take myself so seriously, to relax and understand that it’s ok to fall as long as I get back up and try again.

Falling hurts and it’s not always fun. I am not sure the areas in your life you feel like you have failed. If you have fallen, get back up. If you are afraid to fall, take the risk anyways. What I love about the skateboarders is that even though they fall more times then they land the perfect jump, they still try and try again. They see beyond the fall and so should you. My girls haven’t stopped trying to walk. I think to date they have a combined total of 10 steps they have successfully taken, but it hasn’t stopped them from trying. We are all born with a fighting instinct. Unfortunately this world we live in and “uneducated” people (that’s what I will call them today) have convinced us to stop trying. But I am here to encourage you, to DARE you to keep trying.

TRUTH: For a righteous man may fall seven times, And rise again-Proverbs 24:16 NKJ DARE: Fall and then get back up.

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