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Let’s Do This Thang, Together!

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

I’m so excited, I just can’t hide it!

How are things going in your world? If you were to ask me, I’d say the last few weeks have been challenging, frustrating and exciting all at the same time.

Sometimes we can’t define the season we are experiencing in one word or generic feeling. Often times, seasons are best described as many things, depending on the day–am I right?

Well, in the midst of the frustrating and the challenging, there is something very exciting on the horizon and I am so glad I get to share it with my tribe, first!

drumroll please…..

My first book will be released in Spring 2020 with Leafwood Publishers

Ah!! RIGHT?!

This is one more step in this BIG adventure and you have everything to do with this moment.

Many of you have been around since the beginning when I thought for sure, the only readers were my mom and best friend. haha..

I LOVE YOU Mom & Alyssa. I am so thankful for the journey so far and I’m soaking in this pinch me moment right here.

I’m thankful for every comment, text and e-mail I receive letting me how something I’ve shared has strengthened your faith, made you laugh or caused you to think differently. It means the world to me!

This process is all so new to me and I’ve  already learned a ton! And, while this is uncharted territory with so many unknowns, what I do know is this–I don’t want to do this without you!

There will be more information about a book launch team and all kinds of fun stuff along the way, but here is something you can do now to help make sure this book gets in front of as many readers as possible.


Would you pass this along to 5 of your girlfriends in your world?! Heck, maybe even 10! You can do this by forwarding a previous article, passing along this e mail, texting them with information or sharing on social media.

However you talk to your friends and whatever is most authentic to would mean so much to me.

To show my gratitude, when they subscribe, they will receive FREE resources right to their inbox, just like you do every month.

Ah, well I guess if there’s going to be a book, I better get to writing! Keep me in your prayers!

Love you, thankful for you and so excited to do this with you.

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