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Mermaid Tails.

I love South Florida–we have perfect winters and sunny summers! The weather has been getting a little warmer each day and my girls are becoming more and more eager to go swimming.

We introduced the girls to the pool when they were babies. Each year, it seems as though they want less and less water in their face. We are going to be enrolling them in swim lessons this year, because their hesitation..ok, their extreme dislike for water splashing in their face is a bit over the top.

We have been talking to the girls about it and for the most part they are pretty excited to begin learning how to swim without floaties.

This past week, while I was preparing breakfast, Kennedi was telling me all about how excited she was to start going to the pool. She then followed to tell me how she thinks Jesus will give Brooklyn and her mermaid tails so they can swim.

I chuckled and had a BLOG moment.

Sometimes I feel like a SPY or some sort of special agent, trying to figure out how God is going to provide or answer my prayers. I can become pretty creative at times, coming up with grandiose ideas as to how He will do something in my life. (A lot like Jesus giving me mermaid a tail) When I ask for patience, I envision that He will zap me with more patience.

But it doesn’t usually happen that way. Instead of zapping me with patience, He usually gives me opportunity to show patience. Times when I desire to be more generous (always wanting to do that) I pray that He would give me more resources, but instead He shows me more opportunities to give from what I have and/or creative ways to give. (Maybe instead of ordering a cake from the Cake Boss himself $$ for a friend, He shows me that a cake baked by yours truly is just as thoughtful)

It’s not that God hasn’t answered my prayers or that He hasn’t honored my audacious prayers or creative imagination, but God sees the whole picture. He isn’t a genie in a bottle waiting to answer our greatest wishes. But instead, He is our Heavenly Father who desires to give us good gifts!

How cool would it be if Jesus gave Kennedi a mermaid tail so she can swim the ocean? It would be cool, but it wouldn’t be what she really needs or is capable of handling. There are lessons to be learned and healthy limitations/boundaries that need to respected when a 4 year old is learning to swim.

When you’re learning to swim, you aren’t just learning how to swim “under the sea” with Sebastian, (see what I did there) but you’re learning to trust, you’re developing endurance and gaining in strength–all things that are necessary.

I love Kennedi’s childlike faith that was displayed this past week. Her belief that Jesus can do anything. That is the truth, He can do anything–nothing is impossible for Him!! He could even give her a mermaid tail if He chose to.

But we must understand that although He might not give us mermaid tails, He is faithful to show us how to be great swimmers using what He has already given us.

I’m not sure what you are believing God for. Maybe you need Him to provide something or maybe you have a dream for your business, or ministry–know that He is answering your prayers!! All these things take work, they take discipline and they take doing what you can do–so THEN,  He can do what only He can do.


TRUTH: “If you know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him.” (Paraphrase) Matthew 7:10-12

DARE: Ask God to give you divine strategy to accomplish what’s in your heart! If you’re wanting to learn to swim, go sign up for swim lessons!

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