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No, Say No.

I have toddlers and one of their favorite words happens to be “NO.” For the longest time, BJ and I would intentionally not use the word “NO” every time we had to tell them-well, ‘no.’ We would use phrases like, “would you please stop or, I don’t want you to do that.” Little by little, we had to start using the word “NO,” especially when they would put their finger in a light socket or attempt to shave their face with daddy’s electric razor. (I’m not kidding)


The girls are allowed to say no. They have feelings and sometimes they don’t want what we are offering them or asking them to do. However, we are trying to guide them and explain to them when it’s appropriate to say no. An example of when the girls are not allowed to say no is when they are being told to do something. Whenever they do, we gently say, “don’t say no- you need to honor what mommy is saying.” So, the girls have now adopted the saying, “NO say NO” and have really started using it when we tell them no.


They are definitely still learning and so are we! This morning, while getting ready for my day, I overheard Kennedi telling Brooklyn, “NO say NO.” It made me chuckle. In that moment I had a BLOG moment. I quickly ran through the areas in my life where I felt God was telling me, “Sarah, NO say NO.”

I thought I’d share them with you.

NO say NO when you are given an opportunity to be KIND.

NO say NO when you are given an opportunity to be PATIENT.

NO say NO when you are given an opportunity to see the glass half FULL.

Every week I highlight a TRUTH about you, your life, or about a situation you may be facing and then I DARE you to believe it.

Here is this week’s TRUTH or DARE.

TRUTH: “NO say NO!” Kennedi & Brooklyn Johnson

DARE: Respond to someone with kindness, be patient with your sitaution, and resolve that no matter what it looks like, it’s going to work our for your good!

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