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Nothing Left for Me

I have three kids, so Costco is my friend. Costco also feeds you while you shop, so it’s a really good friend of mine. They sell a variety of brands, including Annie’s–which makes any mom feel better about giving their kids packaged snacks. After all, the label reads ORGANIC. Uh, hello?! These tasty treats get less judgment eyes when I’m in public, feeding my kids these things, for breakfast. Haha.

Anyways, these particular treats come with 36 bags of goodies. When I got home the other day, I opened up the box and in a matter of seconds, my three kids made a dash towards the kitchen! They practically tackled one another and before I could even look up, they were scavenging through the box. They pushed each other and began to shout, “stop! I’m going first, there won’t be enough for me.”

I, of course, did what all good mothers do and I gave them the life lesson, talk–you know the one I’m talking about. I may have even threatened to never buy these things again, but that’s for another post, another day.

Here they were with an opened box bigger than their heads filled with their favorite snacks and they were somehow worried there wasn’t going to be enough for them. Sounds a lot like me, when I see or watch others dash to the blessings and the answered prayers God seems to be servin’ up. Rather than seeing God pouring out blessings so big and so wide that I can’t help but be encouraged that He is a God of more than enough, I begin to see that somehow this moment of blessing for others, means there’s nothing left for me.

My kids aren’t starving, thank God and I’m grateful they have never experienced hunger or thirst or lack. But, you would think differently if you saw the way they tackle a 36 count variety pack of Annie’s Organic Bunny Snacks! How starving must I appear to be when I make the conclusion that if God is blessing others with “XYZ” then that means there’s nothing left for me.

I just finished the book, Uninvited by Lysa Terkeurst (you have to read it if you haven’t) and in this book she talks about this very thing. She explains it as a difference between SCARCITY versus ABUNDANCE mindset.

God does not have a limited supply, but instead He is a God of more than enough. When you and I don’t remind ourselves of who God is and who we are to Him, we fall victim to a scarce mindset. We start to worry and guard what’s “ours”,  we don’t feel encouraged when we see other stuff succeed and we live life, small.

But God’s desire for us, is that we live, BIG. He is a God that is more than enough and when He begins to bless others, let it serve as a reminder to you that He is able. When the waves of blessing and abundance mark the shores of the lives of others, remember that it’s the same tide that brings in the things you long for, believe for and are working hard for.

So, let us not be like immature, hungry (or in today’s culture THIRSTY) children of God who are ignorant to the reality that our God lacks nothing. Rather, let us be people who walk in the reality that we are children of the most high God. We lack nothing and what God gives others doesn’t effect what He gives me!

I would love to hear if you too have ever felt like there wasn’t enough for you.

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