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Pray About it Girl!

Here’s the thing, God is already working out what you are worried about and the miracle you are believing for is already on its way.

So, why do we pray?

We pray because it’s our communication with heaven. When we do, God reveals to us His plan. When we pray for His will our hearts begin to reflect His heart.

When our hearts reflect His heart, our words begin to declare his truths.

When our words echo the will of heaven, our prayers become prophetic declarations, no longer saturated in worry and fear.

When we release the prophetic declarations, what we are now asking for, happens.

You are a daughter of the King and you have been given access to talk to the Creator of the world.

Take full advantage of this freedom you have to come boldly before Him. No more talking about it with those who have no power to change your situation and no more idle thinking and worrying

Pray about it girl!

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