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Pumpkin Patch

Since BJ had this past Monday off from work we decided to take the girls to the pumpkin patch. I had been looking forward to the girls’ first pumpkin patch experience all week long. We got up early like we normally do, made breakfast, got the girls dressed and we were off! I didn’t even need a cup of coffee to wake me up, I was so excited. The girls looked super cute in their skinny jeans and over sized hair bows. This day was going to be perfect! So I thought.

This is what I had in mind.

We didn’t plan to just go to any ole’ pumpkin patch. We found a cute little farm about 25 miles away. Which in LA means it’s going to take you awhile to get there. This farm has a Harvest Festival where they serve homemade lemonade, churros, fresh fruits, delicious food and more. They have a petting zoo, merry go round, and even a trian. This place has the works. I looked online to make sure that the “Harvest Festival” was going on throughout the week. According to the online information, it was. I knew this day was going to be perfect. We charged our camera the night before so would be ready to capture all the priceless moments at the pumpkin patch. I imagined us strolling through the farm, drinking our lemonade and spending the afternoon together. We would buy a basket of fresh fruit and let the girls eat from it.

This is what actually happened.

We got the girls out of the car and into their stroller. I pulled out the Flip Camera and began to record this wonderful day we were going to have. As we walked up to the Farm we noticed something. There wasn’t anyone there. We knew it would be a lot less crowded on a Monday morning, but this place was pretty desolate. We weren’t too concerned and continued on. It was already a pretty warm day in southern California and we were ready for a fresh cup of iced lemonade. We followed the signs to the lemonade stand and realized that it was closed. So we decided we would grab a bottled water and a churro. That stand was closed too. The whole place was closed down, Except for a small stand selling bottled water and miniature cans of soda. Not my idea of an amazing experience at the farm.

How I reacted.

Let’s just come back another day! This is a waste of time! Yes, those were my exact words to my husband. I was so upset. This whole day I had planned was ruined. Yes, ruined. Nothing was turning out the way I had imagined it would. There was no petting zoo, kids had to be at least 2 years old to ride the train, and there wasn’t anything to eat except some old kettle corm popcorn they had bagged up to sell. We started making our way to the car and as we were loading the girls back into their car seats my husband BJ said something that put me in my place.

It’s what you make of it.

“This moment right now, this experience, is what you decide to make of it. Just because it hasn’t worked out perfectly doesn’t mean this day can’t be perfect.” Wow! This couldn’t be more true. Why did this day have to be counted as a wash? Why had I allowed a few things that didn’t go my way effect my attitude? My girls unfortunately aren’t going to remember their first pumpkin patch experience except for the pictures we take and the stories we tell. I didn’t want the stories I would eventually share to be of how mommy was so dissapointed we decided to leave. Instead I wanted the story to be of a perfect day we spent at the pumpkin patch. Ok, maybe more like an hour we spent at the pumpkin patch. But you get what I’m saying. It really wasn’t about the lemonade or the petting zoo. It was about the memories we made together. And that’s exactly what we did. We bought a bottled water and took the girls around the farm taking pictures. It turned out to be so much fun!

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

How many times do we miss the sweetest, most memorable moments because we are too busy being upset? There will always be things that don’t turn out the way we imagined or planned for, but it is what we do with those moments that count. It’s an attitude shift. You have heard the saying, “when you are given lemons make lemonade.” I wish someone would have given me lemons that day, because I sure would have made us all lemonade. As cliche as it is, it’s great advice. I need to not take things so seriously. I’ve found that it is ok to expect great things but not to plan out every last detail. Whether I go on a date with my husband or take my kids to the pumpkin patch. A perfect experience is what I determine is perfect.

Are you like me? Have you put too much expectation on an experience, a friend, or a spouse? Or maybe you haven’t expected too much, but what you are experiencing it is hard to see the glass half full? I know I have spent too many days seeing things from the wrong perspective. I have allowed what didn’t happen or hasn’t happened effect what could have happened. If you forget to pay the light bill and they turn off the power on your anniversary, instead of making one another feel guilty, light a few candles and make it romantic (true story). If you realize you spent more than you should have and you have a few days before pay day, instead of getting frustrated, find creative dishes you can make using only the ingredients and food you have in your house (another true story). When you can’t find the cable to upload your “pumpkin patch” experience to your computer so you can add it to your BLOG, instead of not posting the BLOG, post it without pictures and re-post it with pictures the next day (another true story, just happened right now).

TRUTH: ” People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I don’t believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want and if they can’t find them, make them.” – George Bernard Shaw

DARE: See life from a cup half full perspective and treat yourself to some freshly squeezed lemonade.

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