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Take Me Out For Coffee.

If you know me for longer than a few minutes, you know that coffee and I are bff’s. There’s hardly ever a day we don’t hang out. In fact, I look forward to my times, in the morning, sipping my coffee. These days, I usually have a handful of kiddos running around, making noise and joining in on my coffee date. A lot has changed from the morning’s of sipping my coffee in silence. I wouldn’t trade my new reality, but every so often I get creative and seem to get the kids entertained so I don’t have to re heat my coffee a couple of times! (Can all my mommies say, AMEN!!) every once in a while I even go to a coffee shop, all by myself.

Not only do I love coffee and coffee dates at home, but I LOVE sitting in a coffee shop. One of my favorite things to do, is grab a coffee with someone. There’s always great conversation that surrounds a good cup of coffee! When I think back at important or life altering conversations I have had with women in my life, or my husband, they have often been across a bistro table.

This past week a friend called me seeking advise about something–she was having a hard time making a big decision in her life. If she lived closer, I would have definitely met her for coffee. I began lending my advise and reassuring her about a few things. As I listened to her, I had a BLOG moment.

Sometimes when your friends can’t meet you for coffee, you need to take yourself to coffee & have a conversation with you!

My friend has encouraged me, lifted me and given me some incredible advise time and time again. Times I have struggled with insecurity, doubt or fear, she has reminded me of who I am, whose I am and my purpose! However, on this day, she was experiencing insecurity, self doubt and fear. I love how friendships work–when someone is down, the other lifts them up… When the other is down, the other picks them up.

But what I noticed in this moment was someone who needed to give the same advise she has given to others, to herself!

Isn’t it crazy how we can believe for the impossible, break up with the wrong person, take the big career risk, and say, with such certainty that God is faithful for others? But, when it comes to us, we somehow think differently, feel differently?

As I was sharing my advice and when I had this BLOG moment, I simply asked her this, “What would YOU tell YOU if YOU were sitting across a bistro table from yourself at a coffee shop?”

I ask you the same. What are you walking through/ dealing with/ experiencing that you are needing to speak life & truth to yourself? What relationship needs mending or what relationship needs ending? What promotion needs to be pursued? What area in your life needs to be rid of insecurity, self doubt & fear? How about you, take yourself out for coffee and give yourself the SAME advice you would give your friend.

I believe that when you do, you are going to be encouraged, uplifted and leave more certain about the decision you need to make!

TRUTH: And David was greatly distressed; for the people spake of stoning him, because the soul of all the people was grieved, every man for his sons and for his daughters: but David encouraged himself in the LORD his God.             -1 Samuel 30:6

DARE: Take yourself go coffee!

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