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The Bible.

We have been watching the six-week series, The Bible on the History Channel, every Sunday night. Last night we packed out our house with a bunch of new friends, made ice cream cones, popped popcorn & brewed lots of coffee. It was a celebration!! #JesusIsComing was a trending topic surrounding last night’s show and like us, millions of viewers tuned in to see the birth and life of Jesus.


We were captivated as we watched the story of a baby, born of a virgin, named Jesus, the savior of the world. We have read this story time and time again, but seeing it was powerful! My favorite part was when Jesus swam out to Peter and jumped in his boat, compelling Peter to follow Him. When Peter asked Jesus what they would do together, Jesus replied, “We’re going to change the world.”

Bold Declaration.

Changing the world seems like a bold declaration if you ask me. It is crazy to think that just as Jesus called Peter to change the world with Him, I believe that He has asked you and I the same thing.

Unattainable Task.

Changing the world can feel like unattainable task. We can get so overwhelmed and not know where exactly to begin- I have felt like that before. When I learned about the thousands of kids that go to sleep at night with no food to eat in South Florida alone, I felt almost paralyzed.

I am only one, But still I am one. I cannot do everything, But still I can do something; And because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do.

Changing the world begins when you and I change OUR world. YOUR world is your home, your workplace, your family, your community, etc. Changing our world is when we decide that although we can not do everything, we can do something.

What’s Your Complaint?

My husband BJ tells me often when I have a “complaint” about something, whether it is children going to bed hungry or women being enslaved into sex trafficking that just maybe, I have been called to help bring resolution to that problem. It can even be as simple as not enjoying your work environment. Maybe you are supposed to be the light in the darkness, the JOY to that company.

Right People. Right Place. Right Plan.

I believe that you and I have been positioned where we are on the map, doing what we are doing, surrounded by a specific group of people for a purpose, and that purpose is to bring resolution to the problems, healing to the brokenness and hope to the hopelessness.

Loaves & Fishes.

As you and I take advantage of the little moments or the small window of opportunity to do something, I believe that God will give us resources and the creativity we need to change the world. You may not be able to house every orphan or wipe every tear, but you can do something!

Join Me.

Will you join me in changing the world. It is simple, let us begin changing OUR world and little by little, day by day, moment by moment.

Every week I highlight a TRUTH about you, your life, or about a situation you may be facing and then I DARE you to believe it.

Here is this week’s TRUTH or DARE.


“Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.”

-Mother Teresa.

DARE: Change something about YOUR world today!

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