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To all my friends…

Good morning or Good afternoon! (if you are reading this from the East Coast)

I wanted to write each of you a quick note to let you know how thankful I am that you and I are on this journey called life together. Many of you know that this BLOG was birthed out of one of the most challenging times of my life. I was on the phone with one of my “mommas in the faith” and as we were talking, she encouraged me to start using my gift to write and BLOG. I was a bit nervous at first. The thought of displaying my life’s journey for all to see was a bit intimidating. I’m so glad I listened.

This BLOG, now entitled, “TRUTH OR DARE” was never meant to be just another BLOG… because, we all know, there are plenty of them out there to read. It’s purpose has always been to remind you of the TRUTH… God’s WORD/ His promises to us, while DARING you to believe it! It has stretched me to be honest with where I have been, with where I am now, and with my concerns or expectations of where I am going…

I have connected with a lot of old friends, kept up with my close friends, and have even met some new friends along the way. I have LOVED every response; whether it be a comment on Face Book, an e mail, or even a text. Thank you all for sharing with me your experiences! With so many of you spread across the country, It feels like we get a chance to “meet for coffee” every once in a while and encourage each other. 🙂

This is just the beginning! Over the next few weeks, I am going to be adding video Blogs to the mix. Many of you have asked me to…and so I will 🙂 I have also been asked to write weekly…and so I will 🙂 Thank you for stretching me! I think it will be fun to “meet for coffee” once a week, don’t you?

Like I mentioned earlier, many of you respond via e mail or on Face Book. If you would HELP ME by commenting on the BLOG page. I know many of you share personal things with me as well, so if you would, comment on the page as well as e mail or text me 🙂 This will give us ALL an opportunity to share with one another!

I love each and everyone of you, and so humbled by how God has used this BLOG to speak to you, to encourage you, to excite you… Looking forward to our weekly coffee dates!


Sarah Jo

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